Oups I did it again

My abcess-thingy is back again and like a couple of weeks ago, zumba made it worse. I don’t know what to think about that. I have been fine the last 10 years and now it won’t go away. I love zumba and I never had a bad effect from it until now.This damn bobo.

I think I will have to let zumba go until everything goes away at 100%. Unfortunately, I bought a five classes pass. I am going to go get it from the studio and ask them if there is a due date on it. If there is, I will have to give it away ! 45$ down the drain.

To make things less painful, to make it decrease, I have been taking baths. I don’t like baths, it increases the risks of vajayjay infections and I’m not comfortable, can’t lie down and relax. Maybe I should just disinfect my body in chlore at the pool ! Hehe

Things I have learned

  • Sometimes it’s best to stay away.
  • Going to the gym on Monday mornings helps me keep a good mood.
  • Going to the gym after work when I have a headache helps it go away.
  • It’s best to listen to myself when I’m sick of something.
  • If my spidey senses tell me that someone is icky, that someone usually is.
  • There is nothing wrong with ignoring people when you think they are icky. It helps not being caught in the middle of something or not being « seen ».
  • If you get caught or that icky someone sees you…fight or flight.
  • If you fight, use the system.
  • If you flight, run like a bat out of hell.
  • Kiwis should not be mixed with milk.
  • Chocolate has to be melted slowly.
  • There is no use preventing a cold if you already have one.
  • Light anti-squeek shoes are best for zumba.
  • Weight training time goes quickly while any one-hour class goes slowly.
  • To do homework assiduously, it’s best if I have time alone. Hours. Every day.
  • Do not judge a book by its cover or by what you read about it.
  • Be polite, don’t talk about personal stuff, don’t judge…at work.
  • Juice has way too many calories and sugar.
  • Amarulla also but it’s far more enjoyable.

Should go to bed

Today I went at the zumba open house at BambooFit on St-Laurent street. There were maybe 50 women…and one guy. It was very intense and fun. There were 4 instructors and they exchanged places so I got a taste of what each one is like. I might take a card and go regularly.

I was there for a Meetup but the woman that organized it didn’t show because of work and I didn’t even know what the others looked like. I went in anyway. Tsk. Dire que je ne voulais pas y aller toute seule. After 15 minutes I already made contact with someone else doing it alone. I should have taken her name, I know she is going to go back. At the end of the class, another Meetup woman found me. Every time she talked it sounded like she was trying hard to be blasé but to impress me. I am not too impressed with people doing spinning and finding it intensive and burning 700 calories. Ben oui I replied. I have done classes of spinning. Not much but enough to know it’s intensive but not impressive. I am not impressed by people telling me they can’t keep their hair in a poneytail under a bike helmet. Duh.I replied Ben non. Re-duh.

I have done enough translating for the day. I am translating a professional blog from French to English. Biggest questions today were do I need to translate the regions’ names or only the provinces’ names ? And where the heck is that post I had translated about our professional tasks ? No way I am doing that again. Copy-paste is my friend.

I am tired. It has been a while since I did zumba. I’m spent. Time to go to bed.

Lundi reconnaissant

  1. Sookie Stackhouse et ses aventures. J’ai lu 3 romans de la série depuis mercredi. C’est un divertissement incroyable.
  2. Le soleil est enfin sorti ce matin.
  3. Ma boss comprend à quel point c’est important que j’ai l’information nécessaire pour faire mon travail.
  4. J’ai eu 92% dans mon cours de psychopathologie.
  5. J’ai passé du bon temps avec mon chum en fin de semaine.
  6. Je constate que c’est facile de parler avec lui sérieusement.
  7. Ça fait un an qu’on vit ensemble et je pense que ça se passe bien.
  8. J’ai dormi 8 heures la nuit passée.
  9. Mon chat est resté tranquille toute la nuit.
  10. Le cours de zumba a fait du bien !
  11. Grâce à StumbleUpon, j’ai découvert StereoMood et NPR.