Lundi reconnaissant…le mardi

  1. J’ai un bébé tranquille.
  2. J’ai eu droit à une nuit pas mal plus longue pour la fête des mères ! Il a dormi un 4h47, entre autres.
  3. J’ai une activité maman-bébé sur le toucher cet après-midi. J’ai hâte !
  4. J’ai une autre activité maman-bébé demain !
  5. Mon chum s’occupe super bien du bébé.
  6. J’ai fait des super bons biscuits au chocolat.
  7. J’ai eu des cupcakes de la fête des mères ! Photos à venir.
  8. Mes parents ont gardé le bébé en fin de semaine et j’ai pu sortir avec mon chum.
  9. Il a fait super beau hier, un lundi en plus.
  10. Ma plaie continue de rapetisser tranquillement pas vite et plus un signe d’infection !

Grateful Monday

  1. I don’t feel I have to finish something if I don’t feel like it. Like finish a book or finish Nablopomo.
  2. I am still wearing a big sweater in the morning. It’s not cold enough for a coat. I’m always hot.
  3. I have managed to bake 4 different recipes for cookies since yesterday.
  4. I finally finished a big job last week. Big big job.
  5. I got congratulations about one of my blogs at work.
  6. I have a very nice colleague.
  7. Tide to go.
  8. 23 weeks and I still have plenty of energy.
  9. Swimming this morning, it’s a great way to start the week.
  10. There is a Soupesoup not too far from work. Yum !!
  11. We bought the stroller.
  12. We ordered the bed, the mattress and the rocking chair.
  13. I will have a baby shower !! Yeeeee !!

To do list for Christmas

Bake cookies for gifts and party :

  • Cornmeal thyme cookies
  • Chocolate-black pepper cookies
  • White chocolate chunks
  • Pick-a-tea shortbread
  • White choco-cranberries pistachios
  • Gingery-lavender shortbread
  • Rosemary shortbread
  • Pecan sandies
  • Smoky bacon-ginger cookies — after my boyfriend chatted with the butcher it seems I have to bake more cookies for them ! Bacon cooked, bacon fat reserved.
  • Chocolate chips and bacon
  • Lemon sage cookies

Grocery shopping for the party — started

Buy a 1$ gift

Buy decorations and wrapping paper

Buy boxes for cookies

Make my gift for the person I picked in the gift exchange at my parent’s. –started

Buy gift for the person I picked in the exchange at my aunt’s place.

Deposit my grandma’s gift cheque and the money I will have from tonight’s group research and put it on Visa.

Peanut butter bacons for my boyfriend’s friend, C. and party. — Three batches made.


Work on the pictures from the retirement party

Have passport paperwork and pictures ready for my dad to sign

Buy more flour

Day offfffff !!

I checked Facebook this morning and people were telling me I was right to stay home ! The temperature is crappy.

My little sister’s gifts are wrapped, my friend’s box of goodies is ready to go to the post office and the hair salon’s cookie box is ready since last night. I am doing the laundry (so exciting).