You Capture : 10 best from 2010

Here are my 10 favorites from 2010 ! Very difficult to choose only 10 pictures.

January sun through my living room window.

April in Québec

April : red velvet cupcake from Les Glaceurs from my tour of cupcake shops.

May : last morning in Ottawa, coffe and a bun at the Bridgehead café at the corner of Guigues Avenue and Dalhousie Street.

June : while at the cemetary, sun rays playing hide and seek.

August : Butterfly in Québec

August : Nice duck !

October : Ordinary tasting cupcake but it looked so good !

October : a walk on the Mont-Royal.

December : Christmas morning, everything was frosted over.


To do list for Christmas

Bake cookies for gifts and party :

  • Cornmeal thyme cookies
  • Chocolate-black pepper cookies
  • White chocolate chunks
  • Pick-a-tea shortbread
  • White choco-cranberries pistachios
  • Gingery-lavender shortbread
  • Rosemary shortbread
  • Pecan sandies
  • Smoky bacon-ginger cookies — after my boyfriend chatted with the butcher it seems I have to bake more cookies for them ! Bacon cooked, bacon fat reserved.
  • Chocolate chips and bacon
  • Lemon sage cookies

Grocery shopping for the party — started

Buy a 1$ gift

Buy decorations and wrapping paper

Buy boxes for cookies

Make my gift for the person I picked in the gift exchange at my parent’s. –started

Buy gift for the person I picked in the exchange at my aunt’s place.

Deposit my grandma’s gift cheque and the money I will have from tonight’s group research and put it on Visa.

Peanut butter bacons for my boyfriend’s friend, C. and party. — Three batches made.


Work on the pictures from the retirement party

Have passport paperwork and pictures ready for my dad to sign

Buy more flour