7th month of TTC

I don’t know the abbreviations in French so I’ll go ahead in English. We have been TTC for 7 months. When I got pregnant at 29 and then at 36, it happened at first try. Although I wasn’t trying at 29. This is our 7th month of TTC this time around. If I ever conceive and deliver a healthy baby, I will be past my « closed shop » time. I always thought that at 40 it would be the end for baby making.

It has been awhile since I last wrote, much has happened.

I had acupuncture which resulted in a shorter LP…7 days ! When my treatments stopped, I started taking B6+B12+folic acid and I got longer LP. I am using OPKs since August and I could see that while I had acupuncture I would O on cd17 instead of cd21. Then I started Vitex, Damiana, BBT and I got pregnant in November and in December, early miscarriages both months.

I did multiple pregnancy tests, they did not get darker. In November, AF arrived 4 days after my BFP while I was in a convention. Boy was I glad to have 2 old tampons with me. Cramps, clots, the whole shebang. But it was a fairly ordinary AF. I went to see my doctor and he saw nothing on the ultrasound and the pregnancy test came back negative. Of course, since I O on cd 21, I wouldn’t have been 5 weeks really. 5 weeks is calculated form the date of the last AF…the fetus would have been 2 weeks.

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In December, I got a BFP on December 26th and I miscarried January 5th just before going back to work…it was a really tough week. I had cramping and my back was killing me. It still hurts, I don’t know why. AF was the heaviest I have ever seen, I was filling a tampon in less than 3 hours. I usually change my tampon 2 times a day, sometimes 3. Huge clots, dizzy, etc. I had to stay home some of the time or I would come in work and have to go back home. I ate steak, took Iron, I was very tired for 2 weeks. It was also a week where we had a funeral service for my aunt who dies on December 21st. I went to see the doctor January 6th and his test was negative and he saw nothing on the ultrasound. Of course…it was way too early to see anything and as I learned that day, doctors have less sensitive strip tests because a pregnancy is « real » if it can be detected at 25miu. I got home, used a FRER and got a BFP but way fainter than a few days earlier. I had done multiple tests and they were getting darker even the one I did on January 4th the day before I started spotting. This was the most heartbreaking thing, before realizing it was so early it was normal, that my doctor didn’t believe me even if I showed him pictures of my test. Because HE couldn’t see anything.

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The doctor suggested I go see a fertility specialist and I was eager to accept. I have an appointment on February 10th. So this month I told myself that I would relax. No Vitex, took Damiana maybe twice, BBT and used OPKs. But I did my OPKs earlier or later in the day than usual and ended up missing my surge. I go two almost positives. FF detected O but the info is not sure. Today I thought Iwas 10DPO si I used a FRER and got a BFN. Wasn’t too surprised…then I saw FF says I’m 9dpo. My bad. Too early. So I’m waiting for AF on Monday…

I can’t rely on pregnancy symptoms because they are just like PMS and because I don’t have pregnancy symptoms anyway.

This month has been strange as you can see on the chart below. I think maybe it’s the Vitex I didn’t take, I had lots of flat temps and my thermometer works just fine. So I’m in my TWW…wouldn’t it be fun if TTC worked like in the movies or like in the stories I hear ? You stop taking meds or supplements and become pregnant or you go into the fertility clinic to find out you are indeed pregnant ?

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So that’s it for now.

101 Things to Do When You’re Overdue (Or Close) How to Spend the End of Your Pregnancy

La liste a été prise sur le site de About.Com.

  1. Read another pregnancy book.
  2. Take a bubble bath.
  3. Get a pedicure. — Cette semaine peut-être si le bébé est pas encore arrivé.
  4. Eat something spicy.
  5. Talk to an old friend.
  6. Learn to time contractions.
  7. Pick out a baby book. — Pas besoin, on n’a jamais le temps de s’occuper de ça quand le bébé est là.
  8. Go over your list of baby names one more time. — Le nom est choisi depuis le jour 1.
  9. Write a birth plan. — Je l’ai même imprimé en deux copies !
  10. Change the message on your answering machine to inform callers you’re still around. — Pas capable de changer le message. C’est toujours la voix du monsieur répondeur.
  11. Get your hair done. — peut-être cette semaine ?
  12. Get a pregnancy massage.
  13. Go for a bumpy ride. — Autobus, métro…
  14. Recalculate your due date.
  15. Hang out with us on the pregnancy forums. Jamais une bonne idée.
  16. Watch reruns on television.
  17. Wash all of your baby clothes. Fait depuis longtemps !
  18. Check out a matinee movie, alone or with a friend.
  19. Make a rice sock for labor.
  20. Try a new recipe for dinner.
  21. Pack your birth bag for the hospital or birth center.
  22. Look through your pregnancy journal or pregnancy blog and relive some of the better moments.
  23. Buy a new nightgown.
  24. Go dancing!
  25. Look at some birth announcements.
  26. Put the baby’s car seat in the car.
  27. Go window shopping.
  28. Daydream about the baby.
  29. Eat something else spicy. Might I recommend Samosas?
  30. Buy a nursing bra.
  31. If you have older kids, read to them.
  32. Shave your legs.
  33. Visit someone else with a new baby and practice holding them. — Connais personne à Montréal avec un nouveau bébé !
  34. Think of goofy answers to the questions about whether or not you’re still pregnant.
  35. Try a new nail color. Change it again.
  36. Call your mom.
  37. Sit in your baby’s room for a while.
  38. Buy a cute baby toy.
  39. Get lots of fiber.
  40. Put together any unmade furniture.
  41. Buy stamps for birth announcements. J,ai des timbres pour envoyer le formulaire au gouvernement, mais les announcements vont être sur mon blog et Facebook. Pis par téléphone.
  42. Work out – go to yoga, aerobics, whatever you like to do.
  43. Practice a new position for labor.
  44. Walk around the mall.
  45. Check to be sure your insurance information is packed in your birth bag.
  46. Do you have batteries for your camera? — Batteries pour les cossins de bébé !
  47. Listen to a favorite CD and consider making a play list for your birth.
  48. Buy a pack of diapers.
  49. Buy a new toothbrush for the birth.
  50. Make a birthday cake.
  51. Call your best friend.
  52. Play with your pets.
  53. Do nothing for a change.
  54. Give your husband a back massage. Show him how you like to have your back rubbed.
  55. Buy any birthday cards or presents you’ll need for the first 6 weeks after your baby is born.
  56. Have a smoothie.
  57. Recheck your birth bag for the hospital or birth center.
  58. Go to a La Leche League meeting or breastfeeding class.
  59. Take your husband dancing.
  60. Pack some snacks for the hospital or birth center.
  61. Make a belly cast of your belly. pas de place chez nous pour un cossin de même.
  62. Buy some sexy underwear, or at least not granny panties, for after the birth ( a couple of weeks).
  63. If you have older kids, make I’m a big sister/brother t-shirts for them.
  64. Bake a batch of cookies for the doctors and nurses at the hospital or birth center.
  65. Go to your last prenatal appointments.
  66. Order your favorite pizza for dinner.
  67. Have sex! *wink*wink*nudge*nudge* TRÈS inconfortable…
  68. Think about anything but the new baby or labor.
  69. Tell your husband how much you love and appreciate him.
  70. Make sure you have a long distance phone card for the birth if your cell phone doesn’t have long distance.
  71. Have someone inspect your car seat for safety. Try AAA or local car dealer.
  72. Get a new scented lotion for labor.
  73. Pack a diaper bag.
  74. Page your honey to make sure he’s paying attention.
  75. Bake a casserole to eat after your baby is born.
  76. Put your birth bag in the car.
  77. Make sure you have some postpartum help lined up.
  78. Start a scrapbook for your baby if you haven’t already.
  79. Call your pediatrician to see if they have a recommended list of first aid items. — Le bébé a sa propre pharmacie !
  80. Look through your old baby books and pictures.
  81. Have a lunch date with a friend.
  82. Read positive birth stories.
  83. Chat with your doula about any last minute worries. — Pas de doula.
  84. Feel your baby’s movements. Remember how you waited to feel the first fetal movements?
  85. Make a romantic dinner for your honey.
  86. Make a list of everything you will miss about being pregnant.
  87. Learn to knit baby booties. pas intéressée.
  88. Ask your mom about your birth.
  89. Clean out the refrigerator.
  90. Rent a video. –Je downloade…
  91. Take a practice drive to the hospital.
  92. Listen to a book on tape. Bleh
  93. Read a novel you’ve been dying to read.
  94. Go to work – why not? Je suis en congé de maladie jusqu’à l’accouchement.
  95. Think about your postpartum birth control choices.— Condoms, rien de meilleur que ça pour nous autres !
  96. Read a new breastfeeding book.
  97. Practice a new relaxation technique.
  98. Refold all the baby clothes.
  99. Write a letter to your baby telling him or her how much you can’t wait to meet them!
  100. Make a list of everything you won’t miss about being pregnant.
  101. Give birth!

C’est sûr que je pense juste à ça…

J’ai été capable de penser à autre chose pendant ma grossesse. Mais, là, à quelques heures/jours de l’accouchement, je pense juste à ÇA. Au bébé. Chaque matin, je me réveille en me disant : ben coudonc, j’ai pas accouché cette nuit !

Mais, une tempête s’en vient sur le Québec. C’est un signe ! La soeur de mon chum a dit qu’elle avait accouché chaque fois pendant une tempête. Le bébé a sûrement entendu et il a attendu SA tempête à LUI tout le mois de février ! Ça s’adonne qu’on a eu l’hiver le plus chaud que j’ai connu. Le mois de février le plus chaud…j’ai jamais vu ça.

Mais, là…

J’ai donc hâte ! J’espère juste que j’accoucherai pas dans le taxi… 🙂

Je pars pour mon rendez-vous en acupuncture bientôt !

Je vais faire un effort pour penser à autre chose :

  • Hier, au IGA, un gars s’est essayé à me donner une carte de crédit qui n’est pas une carte de crédit, supposément sans frais pour accumuler plus de points Air Miles. Hey. Si ça a le format d’une carte de crédit, une puce comme une carte de crédit, que ça sert à payer des affaires sans vrai argent, même si ça te fais accumuler trois trilliards de points Air Miles, c’est une ostie de carte de crédit. Tsé ?
  • Les écureuils s’en donnent à coeur joie dans le toit. Ça se chicane, ça se bouscule, ça crie comme des perdus ! Là, on dirait qu’il y en a un qui pleure. Bizarre.
  • J’ai fini Heartless, hier. J’attends le dernier volume de la série avec grande impatience. La publication est pour mars, je pense.

Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate, #4)Heartless by Gail Carriger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super fun to read ! Can’t wait for the next volume and the Abroad series !

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Only 3 posts until the end of Nablopomo

3 posts including this one until the end of Nablopomo. I don’t know if I will be able to post much in February once the baby arrives.

I can say I have been so lucky that I have gone through my pregnancy without much trouble. I am only starting the uncomfortable stretch where it hurts, it feels like being outside my pyjamas is not normal, sleep is full of un-nightmarish nightmares (I wake up all sweaty from a dream that doesn’t feel like it’s a nightmare), I’m tired, I’m impatient, all I want to do is eat.

I started drinking more coffee again. There was a risk of premature birth but now that I’m in 38th week, the risk is not there anymore.

I worry about contractions. I keep wondering if what I’m feeling is a contraction or the baby moving or what. I will know when it happens. But until then…

What I won’t miss :

  • snoring
  • drooling when I sleep (more than usual)
  • stuffy nose
  • colds
  • not being able to bend at my waist
  • people treating me like I’m made of glass
  • being so damn  hot all the time
  • sweaty feet
  • having to pee a million times a day

What I will miss :

  • people leaving me their seat in the subway
  • all the alone time in the world
  • feeling the baby inside me
  • having a good excuse for having a big round belly
  • luxurious hair
  • beautiful nails
  • leg hair that doesn’t grow

What I’m looking forward to :

  • eating brie
  • eating sushi
  • drinking 3 cups of coffee a day
  • going back to my more intense training
  • seeing my bf with the baby
  • seeing the baby for the 1st time
  • counting toes and fingers
  • hearing his voice
  • watching him sleep
  • long walks with the baby and the daddy

Very sad

I just read a post written by a daddy who lost his 13 days-old son and it’s making very sad. It is such a heartbreak to read what he writes and I find him very courageous. I’m sure it’s difficult for his wife/girlfriend also. I wish them the best for the rest of 2012. Toutes mes condoléances encore une fois, je vous souhaite un restant de 2012 plein d’espoir malgré tout.

I have a doctor’s appointment this week and I hope the doctor will tell me where the baby is at in his growth. What size of baby can we expect ? Please, doctor, tell me he will weigh under 10 pounds… I’m grateful that things went so well with my pregnancy. I still have lots of shopping to do (lots for a pregnant woman with a bladdervagina that hurts). And I’m nesting like crazy with my superpower of organization. Our friends told us we won’t be able to put some of our stuff in storage with them because they are cancelling their storage unit so we have to rearrange our stuff in our apartment and ask my parents to keep some things at their house until we move to a bigger place.

The nightmares keep on coming but  can’t remember them all. I just know that I wake up sweaty many time every night.