You Capture : Animals

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Last Sunday, we went to breakfast and we walked back home taking the long curvy way. Near the water, the streets, the main street, alleys…

There is a small marina next to the restaurant and ducks were there. Three of them thought I was giving food and they came close. I thought that maybe they would take a bite at me but no, when they saw I had nothing to give they went back to the water.

The cat was hunting something I couldn’t see. I followed it for a few minutes while it was checking what was moving.

You Capture : Faces

I am late in posting this for You capture but I wanted to participate this week so here I am.

This is an anonymous blog which means I can’t post pictures of the faces of people I know. But these faces are okay, right ?

All my pictures are clickable if you want to see them bigger.

You Capture : Flowers

Instead of planning this post, I should be doing the laundry and packing my gym bag for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is upper body day !

Ans instead of watching my new obsession, Big Bang Theory, I should be planning this post. I should also put away my magazines that I just post-itted…

I guess I have the time to do a little blitz before going to bed with my book and getting up to hang the clothes.

So here is my capture for this week !