Sweet Shot Tuesday

Sweet Shot Day

It has been a while ! I decided to participate in this week’s Sweet Shot Tuesday ! This summer I have a balcony garden like last year’s but with the new balcony out front, I have more space for plants. I took these shots out front. My tomatoes and peppers are out back.

Iced tea with mint



Bean plant


Sweet Shot Tuesday and Happiness Project

Okay okay…these were not taken this week. Obviously does pictures don’t look like Montreal in winter. I put them in my Sweets Shot Tuesday because I worked on them a bit. At the time does were taken I didn’t use Picasa and they needed a bit of fixing up. I had just bought my Kodak camera for my trip in Halifax.

I downloaded the Cozi screen saver that uses my pictures and I was horrified at how many of my pictures were not worked on. I will select the albums where the screen saver should take the pictures. But I decided to look at those pictures I took in Halifax to clean them up and, well, I miss Halifax. Those pictures make me feel happy and proud of myself. First time I had travelled this far by myself.


Sweet Shot Day

Happiness Project and Sweet Shot Tuesday

Getting back to eating well ! It makes me happy. I really hate when people make food that my mouth wants to eat but not my body. I can finally go back to eating food that my body and mouth love. I even bought The Best of Clean Eating. I have wanted this for months ! When I found it in Chapters, I bought it.

I have continued going to the gym during the Holidays. It was so quiet. I know that the next few weeks are going to be busy at the gym because of resolutions. After a few weeks most people drop out so it’s going to get back to normal. I took my measurements last night and I want to make a difference in my weight and measures this year. So after a few weeks of eating too much sugar and fat, it is a relief to go back to better food. I’m also going to write down the exercises I do in my No Pain No Gain fitness log. And I bought a 5 classes punchcard for zumba ! 🙂

Sweet Shot Day


Happiness Project and Sweet Shot

This might sound weird. But.

I used to let things just…you know. The clean clothes wouldn’t be folded before many days. The dishes would just sit there. Books everywhere. Dust everywhere. I just didn’t know what to do. Of course my parents raised me to be clean. But I had lived with roommates or ex boyfriends and I did whatever they didn’t want to do like clean the bathroom. If they were cleaner than me, I cooked or whatever. When I began living alone, I just didn’t know what to do. You know ?

So now it just makes me real happy when the dishes are done, the clothes is folded, books are in the bookcase or just not on the floor. The bathroom is clean (as much as it can be with a cat that likes to go in the tub and a guy that, well, you don’t want to know 🙂 ).

So my shot of the week, thanks to Picasa mixed with Piknik :

Folded !!

Sweet Shot Day