Fait encore frette

-27 today !

Today is the day we chose to go at Canadian Tire to buy the shelves that will serve as the changing station. I also had to go to the library. Needless to say that we came back from Canadian Tire by taxi. Because my bladdervagina hurts now when I walk too long I went to the library by bus.

Bladdervagina : The place in my body that hurts at the end of the day. It hurts when I stand too much, when I walk too much, when it’s time to lie down.

The few people that were outside were as bundled as I was. No little lady in short skirt today !

I went to Itsi Bitsi for a cupcake and a latte while I finished reading « Paper Towns ». I didn’t think I would like the book so much. But I did.

I came home and J-L had assembled the shelves and I placed the diapers, wipes, etc. The changing pad is securely clipped.

The baby is coming soon, I’m in my 9th month. My maternity pants are still too loose, my old t-shirts from Reitmans still fit, I still go to the gym.

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