Grateful Monday

  1. I don’t feel I have to finish something if I don’t feel like it. Like finish a book or finish Nablopomo.
  2. I am still wearing a big sweater in the morning. It’s not cold enough for a coat. I’m always hot.
  3. I have managed to bake 4 different recipes for cookies since yesterday.
  4. I finally finished a big job last week. Big big job.
  5. I got congratulations about one of my blogs at work.
  6. I have a very nice colleague.
  7. Tide to go.
  8. 23 weeks and I still have plenty of energy.
  9. Swimming this morning, it’s a great way to start the week.
  10. There is a Soupesoup not too far from work. Yum !!
  11. We bought the stroller.
  12. We ordered the bed, the mattress and the rocking chair.
  13. I will have a baby shower !! Yeeeee !!