Oups I did it again

My abcess-thingy is back again and like a couple of weeks ago, zumba made it worse. I don’t know what to think about that. I have been fine the last 10 years and now it won’t go away. I love zumba and I never had a bad effect from it until now.This damn bobo.

I think I will have to let zumba go until everything goes away at 100%. Unfortunately, I bought a five classes pass. I am going to go get it from the studio and ask them if there is a due date on it. If there is, I will have to give it away ! 45$ down the drain.

To make things less painful, to make it decrease, I have been taking baths. I don’t like baths, it increases the risks of vajayjay infections and I’m not comfortable, can’t lie down and relax. Maybe I should just disinfect my body in chlore at the pool ! Hehe

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