Prime Minister schedule

I have never been so busy. Of course there are times when I have nothing much to do but I have never had such a busy social life.

When I look at my Outlook calendar, I see lots of colors, days with multiple appointments. Activities that should last 2 hours turn in 4-6 hours outside the house. At this point in my pregnancy, it is very tiring for my body.

Yesterday, I had an activity at the café. J. has opened a second floor ! I went with A. and C. I was planning to stay there maybe an hour. But A. and I arrived before C. and then we chatted and instead of getting home for 5:00…well, I didn’t get home until 8:00. C. and I went at Casa Manolo’s for dinner because I had planned on going with her for a while and last time, it was closed. I had to cut things short, I really wanted to go home. My bladdergina hurts easily.

Today, I am meeting with someone to sell my ice skates. I go to the gym with J-L. I have to return books to the library. I have the washing to do and some reading. It doesn’t seem like much does it. But for me it’s being busy. Probably because I’m tired.

Very sad

I just read a post written by a daddy who lost his 13 days-old son and it’s making very sad. It is such a heartbreak to read what he writes and I find him very courageous. I’m sure it’s difficult for his wife/girlfriend also. I wish them the best for the rest of 2012. Toutes mes condoléances encore une fois, je vous souhaite un restant de 2012 plein d’espoir malgré tout.

I have a doctor’s appointment this week and I hope the doctor will tell me where the baby is at in his growth. What size of baby can we expect ? Please, doctor, tell me he will weigh under 10 pounds… I’m grateful that things went so well with my pregnancy. I still have lots of shopping to do (lots for a pregnant woman with a bladdervagina that hurts). And I’m nesting like crazy with my superpower of organization. Our friends told us we won’t be able to put some of our stuff in storage with them because they are cancelling their storage unit so we have to rearrange our stuff in our apartment and ask my parents to keep some things at their house until we move to a bigger place.

The nightmares keep on coming but  can’t remember them all. I just know that I wake up sweaty many time every night.



Fait encore frette

-27 today !

Today is the day we chose to go at Canadian Tire to buy the shelves that will serve as the changing station. I also had to go to the library. Needless to say that we came back from Canadian Tire by taxi. Because my bladdervagina hurts now when I walk too long I went to the library by bus.

Bladdervagina : The place in my body that hurts at the end of the day. It hurts when I stand too much, when I walk too much, when it’s time to lie down.

The few people that were outside were as bundled as I was. No little lady in short skirt today !

I went to Itsi Bitsi for a cupcake and a latte while I finished reading « Paper Towns ». I didn’t think I would like the book so much. But I did.

I came home and J-L had assembled the shelves and I placed the diapers, wipes, etc. The changing pad is securely clipped.

The baby is coming soon, I’m in my 9th month. My maternity pants are still too loose, my old t-shirts from Reitmans still fit, I still go to the gym.