Soleil !

Il fait tellement beau ! J’espère que mon jardin va pousser comme l’année passée. 🙂

Il fait tellement beau que je vais revenir à la maison en vélo après le travail. J’ai mis des souliers fermés et j’ai mis des pantalons de gym dans mon sac.

Hier, j’ai suspendu mon abonnement au YMCA pour quelques mois. Je finis par me faire mal quand j’y vais. Et je paie pour rien. Donc, je vais faire du vélo et je vais faire des exercices à la maison. Il faut que me trouve des bons DVDs de yoga…

1982 : Je sais enfin faire du vélo

After years of being teased and coaxed I finally got on a bike and rode it without help, by myself. I was seven years-old, late again.

My Sister was already on a bike and I was still with trainer wheels. I couldn’t do anything right the first time, everything took so much time and effort. And the more people tried to help, the worse it was. I was afraid of everything, and it seemed like my family’s expectations were the worse.

So One night, Denis, my mother’s friend, brought his old bike with a banana seat. Said it wasn’t new but he would give it to me if I wanted it, I could try it. While everyone was inside and My Sister was doing her numero de charme, the street was quiet and no one was around, I just started pedalling. A great push and just couldn’ t stop. I finally felt free !!

My heart was beating hard, my eyes were dry and my hands were sweaty, I was tense but freeeee !!!

I rode and rode…in circles. Our street is a terrasse, it’s a big round and I didn’t have permission to get out. Anyway, I didn’t know how to brake ! What if a car arrived ? What if I fell ? So I continued and I was giddy.

But I couldn’t wait to tell them I could ! I could !!

So I just bumped in a car parked in our driveway, fell and ran to tell the adults. They didn’t believe me. They never did. So I showed them. It wasn’t the same, I had trouble.

But I knew I could !