Mardi reconnaissant

  1. Je vois mon beau-père maximum 4 jours par année.
  2. Les spots d’ombre sur les trottoirs quand il fait super chaud.
  3. Un ventilateur de plancher super efficace.
  4. Ma belle-famille habite Ottawa et vient rarement à Montréal.
  5. Bébé a été super tranquille dans le train.
  6. Un gros orage ce matin : de toute beauté !
  7. Le soleil est sorti !
  8. Les couches de Pharmaprix : pas chères et étonnamment plus efficaces que les Pampers !
  9. Je suis capable de faire autant de pushups que la dernière fois où j’en ai fait.
  10. Pas eu besoin d’arroser mon jardin depuis des jours !

Lundi reconnaissant

  1. Je suis reconnaissante d’en être au point où je me fous de plein de choses et de plein de gens.
  2. Ma Soeur, la vilaine, va me prêter plein d’affaires de bébé.
  3. Depuis que nous avons annoncé ma grossesse, j’ai plus d’amis. C’est le mommy club. Pas nécessairement sincère, mais au moins, j’ai des conseils que je n’aurais pas sinon.
  4. Mon chum m’a fait un gâteau au chocolat.
  5. J’ai été chez ma grand-mère en train la semaine passée et le retour à Montréal a été plus rapide que l’aller.
  6. Les petites sandwichs pas de croûtes de ma mère.
  7. Le saucisson « P’tit ménage » de Les cochons tout ronds.
  8. Les piments jalapenos, la gelée de piments forts, le poivre, l’huile pimentée.
  9. Le jus de pamplemousse, la soif du moment.
  10. Rire avec A. la fin de semaine passée au barbecue. Tellement drôle cette fille !
  11. Le retour au gym et la piscine du gym. Ça fait du bieeeeeeeeeeen.
  12. Je flotte dans l’eau comme si j’avais une bouée autour de la taille.

Bonne voyageeee !!

C’est aujourd’hui qu’on part à Québec !

Le train part de Montréal à 7h10 et on arrive à Québec à 10h.


Choco Musée Érico, Café Buade, Café de la Terrasse, Chez Victor…Les Plaines, l’avenue Cartier, la rue Saint-Jean, le marché, le vieux cimetière… la piscine du Hilton !!

Glee in the hotel bed

Watching Glee alone in my hotel room is the best !

Today went fine, no internet service in the train but the trip was okay. My hotel room is small and cozy, the bathroom is great. I ate filet de doré for lunch and a vegetarian pizza for dinner. The waiter suggested a kir while I was waiting for the pizza and I hadn’t eaten anything in a while…ouf. I felt it. I’m sure that if I hadn’t eaten bread after strating to dring the kir, I would have rolled to Erico instead of walking. I bought a pewter gobelet for J-L and chocolates for me at Erico’s. Yum.

The training went as well as could be expected when the person in training is 55, nearing retirement and completely freaked out by the amount of work she has to do. She asked me surely noone else was pushing into the details like I did. Hum. Yes. You got to do it. They already spoke to my boss about me coming back to help them. But S. told me that the big big boss was wondering how I had the time to come here with all the work I had to do. Pfft. I will manage.

That’s it for now, I’m tired. I will add pictures tomorrow.

Loin d'ici

30 septembre 2007

Today, I found a small purple flower on the sidewalk. It was so out of place I had to find where it came from. The color was vivid and I wanted more so I climbed the slope next to the tunnel where I was, near the Arwater market, and I realized there was the railway tracks.

Funny how you can know something’s there but don’t quite realize it. The flowers weren’t there but I had another point of view of where I was and as I was looking at the tracks I was very nostalgic. I decided to walk on them for a while.

When I was younger, I used to go to the library on foot almost every day. This was when I lived in my hometown and there is no bus line and no subway. Sometimes I would walk on the railroad tracks and imagine they went very very far. I imagined I could go to China by walking. Until I couldn’t fight back the thought that you had to cross a sea to go there no more. I wanted to pack my things and run away following the tracks and never come back.

Being a realist I knew that if I did someone would bring me back, something bad would happen to me or I would have to do something bad to survive. But everytime I walked on these rocks and these rods I wanted so badly to go away from home. I wanted to be rid of my life, of my parents, I wanted to be adopted, to find out I came from aliens, anything that would be an excuse for me to disappear.

And as I was walking on these tracks today, I realized how it had given me hope for something better when I had no hope and all I had was sadness and fear.

Aller aux pommes : le cauchemar

Aller aux pommes means going to pick apples and it’s an activity I dislike. It’s boring. When My Sister called last night asking if I wanted to join them at the start of October and celebrate mom’s birthday and hers, I said yes because my boyfriend has never done this and with all the apples he is going to make pies. Who can resist apple pies ?

Early this morning I had a nightmare about aller aux pommes. I dreamt that we were going to pick apples, my family and me. Coming along is one of my aunts and my cousin S.

We arrived at the place which is near the water and suddenly I realize that I’m alone with S. Everyone has gone but they haven’t told me how to go there. There is a train, a bus and a boat. S. (who is 4 years-old in the dream) is with me and we search up and own and around to find out how to go to the apples. It’s like a big market, it’s crowded and there are parts of it underground and parts of it above ground. Fountains, stairs, restaurants.

I finally see a boat that I think is going to transport us to the apples so I go on it, and I’m sure S. follows me. I see fishes in the water. And I say « Look S. ! Fishes ! Look at this one, he has its head out of the water ! » I turn and she’s not there.

As I said, she’s 4 in the dream. I look for her on the boat, I look around the boat. I’m not panicking but I’m quite anxious. I start to wonder if she went by herself, if someone took her and it becomes urgent that I find the rest of the family. Maybe she’s with them ? I take the boat, I don’t pay. And when I arrive on the other side, I find my family. They ask where S. is. I ask them if they have seen her, if she’s there. She’s not.

While we are all gathered around talking about this and I’m panicking, we’re still on the same spot, when I hear that they found her and she has a cracked rib.

Why ? How ? Where was she found ? Why was she there ? In the background of all of this I wonder if she has been abused, if she just fell down the stairs or something. I wake up all sweaty.