7th month of TTC

I don’t know the abbreviations in French so I’ll go ahead in English. We have been TTC for 7 months. When I got pregnant at 29 and then at 36, it happened at first try. Although I wasn’t trying at 29. This is our 7th month of TTC this time around. If I ever conceive and deliver a healthy baby, I will be past my « closed shop » time. I always thought that at 40 it would be the end for baby making.

It has been awhile since I last wrote, much has happened.

I had acupuncture which resulted in a shorter LP…7 days ! When my treatments stopped, I started taking B6+B12+folic acid and I got longer LP. I am using OPKs since August and I could see that while I had acupuncture I would O on cd17 instead of cd21. Then I started Vitex, Damiana, BBT and I got pregnant in November and in December, early miscarriages both months.

I did multiple pregnancy tests, they did not get darker. In November, AF arrived 4 days after my BFP while I was in a convention. Boy was I glad to have 2 old tampons with me. Cramps, clots, the whole shebang. But it was a fairly ordinary AF. I went to see my doctor and he saw nothing on the ultrasound and the pregnancy test came back negative. Of course, since I O on cd 21, I wouldn’t have been 5 weeks really. 5 weeks is calculated form the date of the last AF…the fetus would have been 2 weeks.

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In December, I got a BFP on December 26th and I miscarried January 5th just before going back to work…it was a really tough week. I had cramping and my back was killing me. It still hurts, I don’t know why. AF was the heaviest I have ever seen, I was filling a tampon in less than 3 hours. I usually change my tampon 2 times a day, sometimes 3. Huge clots, dizzy, etc. I had to stay home some of the time or I would come in work and have to go back home. I ate steak, took Iron, I was very tired for 2 weeks. It was also a week where we had a funeral service for my aunt who dies on December 21st. I went to see the doctor January 6th and his test was negative and he saw nothing on the ultrasound. Of course…it was way too early to see anything and as I learned that day, doctors have less sensitive strip tests because a pregnancy is « real » if it can be detected at 25miu. I got home, used a FRER and got a BFP but way fainter than a few days earlier. I had done multiple tests and they were getting darker even the one I did on January 4th the day before I started spotting. This was the most heartbreaking thing, before realizing it was so early it was normal, that my doctor didn’t believe me even if I showed him pictures of my test. Because HE couldn’t see anything.

2014-01-31 07-08-33








The doctor suggested I go see a fertility specialist and I was eager to accept. I have an appointment on February 10th. So this month I told myself that I would relax. No Vitex, took Damiana maybe twice, BBT and used OPKs. But I did my OPKs earlier or later in the day than usual and ended up missing my surge. I go two almost positives. FF detected O but the info is not sure. Today I thought Iwas 10DPO si I used a FRER and got a BFN. Wasn’t too surprised…then I saw FF says I’m 9dpo. My bad. Too early. So I’m waiting for AF on Monday…

I can’t rely on pregnancy symptoms because they are just like PMS and because I don’t have pregnancy symptoms anyway.

This month has been strange as you can see on the chart below. I think maybe it’s the Vitex I didn’t take, I had lots of flat temps and my thermometer works just fine. So I’m in my TWW…wouldn’t it be fun if TTC worked like in the movies or like in the stories I hear ? You stop taking meds or supplements and become pregnant or you go into the fertility clinic to find out you are indeed pregnant ?

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So that’s it for now.

Où en suis-je ?

Eh bien, je ne me sens pas très enceinte. J’ai fait un autre test juste pour voir et c’est toujours positif.

Mal aux seins et toujours rendue à la toilette! C’est le portrait de la situation. Ah, aussi, du pognage de nerfs et je suis au lit à 20h30.

À part ça, mon repas de fête en famille est déjà au calendrier pour après mon voyage à Québec. Je devrais porter un chandail « baby on board » pour leur annoncer ça. Ça serait drôle.

J’ai failli oublier mes plantes, moi, là avec ma grosse nouvelle. Hier, mon plant de tomates était un peu crispy. Mais, ce matin, après une nuit passée avec la terre humide, il était redevenu beau. Les plantes que j’ai mis en sur le balcon d’en avant vont super bien parce qu’il n’y a pas de toit alors quand il pleut, elles sont très bien hydratées.

Les vacances commencent dans 5 semaines ou 19 jours travaillés. Les semaines de 4 jours commencent la semaine prochaine…avec 3 jours ! je vais-tu me reposer tu penses ? Oh que oui.

Je ne pourrai pas aller à la plage cet été parce que j’ai peur que du sable entre dans mon bobo alors il faut que je m’inscrive pour la piscine.

P’tite ligne rose pâle


J’ai fait un test de grossesse hier et même si j’avais regardé les résultats dans les minutes suivantes, il était négatif…jusqu’à ce que je le sorte de mon sac tantôt. J’avais oublié de le jeter. La ligne est rose foncé. WTF. Finalement , le dépliant dit qu’il faut lire les résultats dans les 30 minutes suivant le test sinon il n’est plus valide.

J’ai appelé mon chum pour lui dire que je ferais un autre test demain. Mais, je l’ai fait tout de suite. La ligne est très pâle.

Très très pâle.

Je vais acheter un autre test et le faire demain matin. Une autre marque.

Pis ce soir, je vais aller célébrer sans boire d’alcool. Au cas où…

Show and Tell 5

The idea for Show and Tell comes from Mel, to see what the rest of the class is showing, click on the link in the frame at the left.

Where is aunt Flo ? I’m two weeks late.

I decided to do a test because to my body, a test is like a « go » button. Like opening a book or looking for something in your bag…and then the metro finally arrives.

I knew it wouldn’t be positive but…two weeks late. By next month, next period, I should stop worrying so much. Or hoping. Eventually I will stop thinking about it each month and just…go with the flow. Right?

Another one...will I ever get used to being late ?