Grateful Monday

  1. Thank you for the internet. It helps me to prepare for the upcoming trip.
  2. I dropped some tea on my keyboard and my boyfriend got everything fixed inside the hour.
  3. I’m sure I know what caused my injury to return. It means I can avoid its 3rd return.
  4. I got to spend the weekend wearing gym pants. I have an excuse : I had a very small surgery and I have a bandage.
  5. I slept for almost 12 jours on Friday night and on Saturday night.
  6. I’m grateful I had some dark chocolate stashed in my pantry because PMS combined with Lent is driving me crazy. I’m one week late so my PMS is X-Large.
  7. The nice doctor I saw on Friday didn’t make me return to the emergency, she did the surgery right there.
  8. We had sun this weekend !
  9. My friend is dying. I’m grateful I got to see her for breakfast last week. It could happen anytime. She assured me I would know when it happens.
  10. Another friend makes me really grateful for allowing me to be there for her.

Positive Monday

A bit of English this morning.

  1. I went at Tri Express yesterday with my friend. It was so good !
  2. I went to Bistro chez Roger on Saturday for my boyfriend’s birthday and I was surprised. The food was better than I expected and it was worth the price.
  3. I’m reading Suite Scarlett and it’s fun !
  4. I am finally going to get a passport !
  5. I’m looking forward to this business trip in Milwaukee. I love hotel rooms.
  6. Things are going well with my boyfriend even if I had a tantrum yesterday (general frustration because of things that are not going the way I want them to and PMS…explosive combination), even if things suck lately. Best boyfriend. Ever.
  7. I found a cheaper accounting firm on my street. My taxes are being done for 49$. I love that someone else is doing them and I love that this someone will get me the maximum returns.
  8. This morning’s doctor was very cute. I almost blushed.
  9. A cup of fair trade coffee for 1$. I don’t think people realize how amazing it is.
  10. Even if I pay hundreds of dollars every month for my braces, I can still put the same amount of money aside every month.
  11. My new friend. I don’t take her for granted. People that listen and that are fun to be with, with similar experiences, there aren’t that many.
  12. I’m grateful I find things to be grateful about.

Where is the sun ?

Things are not so easy lately. I don’t feel as happy as I used to. Maybe it’s the hour change, I’m always tired. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat like I used to because of the braces. Maybe it’s because the braces make me grumpy. I have to go back to the dentist again !! Damn little sqaure thing uglued itself last night. I was eating something hard but I had dunked it in my tea. I didn’t do it long enough I guess.

Maybe it’s PMS. Maybe it’s that colleague who came to see me about my blog (at work) and I just don’t trust her. I have this feeling that I’m in danger when she’s there. This is making me angry.

I complain so much…bleurk. I AM going to get on top of this !

Headache, heartbreak

I can’t stop thinking about it, I’m sad. I know it’s not going to last forever. What I’m feeling is the friend breakup…and PMS. In fact, PMS probably contributed to my Tchernobyl explosion of rage.

My headache is really from PMS. I hadn’t noted on any calendar at home when was my last period so I had to wait until I got back to work and check my agenda. BAM, today is the 28th day. My headaches are on schedule. If I had known I was this close to having my period, I would have gone for a walk before instead of having such a fit.

No use crying over spilt milk. I can still…cry a bit. Not for what I did but for the loss of this friendship I thought I had. For the relationship I idolized.

I feel like crap.

What I did to feel better :

  • Took my time opening and reading my million emails today.
  • Grocery shopping and making a lasagna
  • I ate 3 chocolates and half a bag of popcorn. 2 chocolates before dinner as well. And a Cozy Shack tapioca pudding. A bit of an overkill.
  • I wrote to my friend I was sure her man was coming soon. It made me better to encourage her.
  • I’m going to read in bed.
  • I watched 2 episodes of La Galère
  • I did only 30 minutes of homework.

I would like to say that friendship is crap but I don’t mean it. I’m already thinking of ways I could meet more people. Making friends at 35 isn’t as easy as it was when I was 20.

Sense of Impending Doom

Il y a des jours comme ça. Le genre de jour où je sens que le soulier va me tomber sur la tête…avec le pot de fleur. Évidemment, tout devient catastrophique, c’est la fin du monde.

Personne m’aime, rien ne va, j’ai un bouton, j’ai mal au dos, mes souliers puent, rien ne fonctionne dans Access…bref, ça ressemble à un de mes PMS, en pire.

Je ne sais pas pourquoi, aujourd’hui, j’ai ce sense of impending doom. Je me suis réveillée avec le cadran alors que je rêvais que j’étais incapable de sauver les gens qui étaient en train de mourir. Je me suis réveillée en pleurant.

Ensuite, bouhou, je me suis brûlée avec le fromage Kraft dans mon grilled cheese. Mon chum a fait mon café dans la mauvaise tasse, c’est pas celle-là que je voulais. Il a oublié de me faire le message que le nettoyeur avait appelé…il y a des semaines. Je ne trouve plus la facture.

J’avais aucun commentaire sur mes blogs, bouhou. Je n’arriverai pas à 50 000 mots dans NaNoWriMo. J’ai pas fini de lire pour mon cours.

Je suis sûre que mon chum est de mauvaise humeur et qu’il ne veut pas me dire pourquoi. Mon amie ne m’a rien dit sur le texte que je lui ai fait lire, ça doit être poche.

Mes cheveux sont tout croches.

Pouaaaaaaaaaahhhh !! La fin du monde.