J’ai remporté mes élections, hier.

C’est le NPD qui est majoritaire au Québec. Sortir Harper du Canada n’a pas fonctionné, mais il n’est pas au Québec et ça, c’est une victoire.

Je suis déçue que Duceppe ait démissionné. Il faudrait qu’il comprenne que voter Bloc, c’est voter du côté des émotions. Hier, il fallait y aller côté raison. Je crois qu’en votant NPD, hier, on a protégé le Québec. Le Bloc n’est pas assez fort pour faire face aux Conservateurs, en mon opinion. Ils n’auraient pas gagné. Alors, les Québécois ont fait front orangé pour sauvegarder le Bleu. On a mis  le Bloc derrière notre dos pour le garder pour plus tard, pour le protéger de nos corps et de nos coeurs. Pas pour l’écarter définitivement.

En tout cas, vous pouvez compter sur moi pour manifester si Harper essaie de faire chier le Québec.

Pis, en passant, il y a eu un vote de non confiance contre Harper de la part du Parlement et là, il est majoritaire ?! WTF? Cherchez l’argent !

Little somethin’

Tomorrow I will receive my équité salariale and I will pay all my debts ! I feel so relieved.

To celebrate, I bought homemade cheese ravioli and cupcakes ! I can’t help it, I’m smiling, thinking of what it means not to have to pay 330$ a month for the dentist. 🙂

Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

6 février 2009

He’s in prison. He’s finally in prison. The therapist had said it wouldn’t make a difference to what I felt but it does.

When I read it, in an email, I became flustered, relieved, delirious. A smile was plastered on my face all day and it’s all I can do not to break in a dance and woot even a few days after !! I wanted to cry. That’s over but my heart still wants to leap.

It’s the first time I have an example of the Justice at work, the system finally working. My only example of justice I could say.

I don’t have to watch if I’m being followed. I don’t have to hold my breath when I go by my old metro station. Maybe the color of his car won’t make me feel faint anymore. I almost feel I could leave my doors unlocked…but I won’t. I won’t have to screen my calls, watch who’s ringing the bell, always examine everyone I go by, the crowd in a store or a conference.

Being happy about him being in prison…it’s kind of wicked. I do feel sorry for him that he’s troubled, somewhat of a sociopath. But I’m happy. He won’t bother her anymore and I don’t have to worry about him bothering me.

Derniel email de B.

I received an email from B. saying that his kid made him too busy to meet women and have relationships. Oh well, it confirmed that « He’s just not that into me ».

Oh and could I give the CDs he lent me to a friend I work with. It made me nervous thinking what I would say when I meet him, and finally he sent an email.

He told me Sunday that he is in the habit of changing his mind so after he told me he would come by work, but I doubted he would come.

I am relieved that it’s over. I wasn’t interested anymore but reading his email still zinged. I felt in my chest the pain of not being wanted, rejected. But it’s okay, after a few moments it went away. And now I’m fine.