Different plans

Today didn’t go as planned i.e. seeing A. for coffee.

Instead I went to the gym with J-L…he didn’t train, he forgot his gym pants. Humhumhum. I’m proud that I went by myself for the first time since November. I did 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill while reading. It’s the best way to go steady and slow and not go over 140 heartbeats. Seeing this success, next time I will aim for 30 minutes. After this walk I did three sets of sitting biceps curls, sitting overhead triceps extensions and sitting dumbbell shoulder presses.

After the gym we went for a smoothie at Liquid Nutrition and we went shopping and we bought nothing. I’m looking for ordinary and inexpensive gowns for the hospital. The kind I won’t mind getting rid of later. I was also looking for a turkey baster and a small frying pan with no teflon. And nursing tops. I guess I will have to do some of the shopping by myself this week and go to La Baie.

I will see A. tomorrow.

New Friend Fridays

New Friend Fridays

I don’t know how I stumbled on The Girl Creative blog but when I saw there were nice memes, I decided to try it out. New Friend Fridays seem like a fun and positive way to « meet ».

She asks : So, tell me, where do you all live? State is fine. 🙂

I live in Montreal, province of Québec, Canada ! I write in French and in English, I started this blog last year in June. I started copying old posts from a previous blog and then added some original stuff and I started adding photos once I got my very first digital camera (a Kodak Easyshare).

Terry Elisabeth is not my real name. I used to like writing in journals but once I started typing fast, writing on paper just isn’t the same anymore, my thoughts go faster than my pen. So I blog.

It’s 6 am, I’m up since 5 even if I don’t work today. I had 4 teeth extracted last night and the anesthetic shots contained adrenaline so even if I took an oxycontin pill, I wasn’t sleepy until midnight. I usually go to bed at 9:30. I drank a lavender herbal tea with spearmint and it seemed to calm me down. However, the excitation of this event, the fear of drooling blood, and of sleeping on my bad cheek, combined with the heat (we are going through a major canicule right now) made me drift off but not really sleep. Guess I will nap today and go to the library where it is cold. I could go in a cafe but it is recommended not to drink coffee. But I would reallllyyyyyy like a coffee. A tall one.

So I am now drinking a strawberry-mango smoothie made with yogurt, milk and basil, mint and lavender. Yum.

Have any of you had braces ? I might need some but don’t know what it’s like. Did you have the transparent ones, the invisible ones or the classic ones ?