Very sad

I just read a post written by a daddy who lost his 13 days-old son and it’s making very sad. It is such a heartbreak to read what he writes and I find him very courageous. I’m sure it’s difficult for his wife/girlfriend also. I wish them the best for the rest of 2012. Toutes mes condoléances encore une fois, je vous souhaite un restant de 2012 plein d’espoir malgré tout.

I have a doctor’s appointment this week and I hope the doctor will tell me where the baby is at in his growth. What size of baby can we expect ? Please, doctor, tell me he will weigh under 10 pounds… I’m grateful that things went so well with my pregnancy. I still have lots of shopping to do (lots for a pregnant woman with a bladdervagina that hurts). And I’m nesting like crazy with my superpower of organization. Our friends told us we won’t be able to put some of our stuff in storage with them because they are cancelling their storage unit so we have to rearrange our stuff in our apartment and ask my parents to keep some things at their house until we move to a bigger place.

The nightmares keep on coming but  can’t remember them all. I just know that I wake up sweaty many time every night.



All’s good, all’s fine

This morning I went to the gym. The bobo feels fine so I took my chances and went for it with the legs and glutes.

I can’t believe how it feels good to move, to use my body. I wanted to stay for pilates but I was hungry so after a 10 minutes cardio session, I went to Liquid Nutrition.

I realized I had all day for myself so I took the time to go bra shopping and came back with 5 cotton panties and two bras…in two colors I didn’t need. I need beige to wear under my white t-shirts but I came back with…purple and black.

I’m planning on doing homework. So far, that plan hasn’t worked out for weeks.

25 random things about me

1. When I was younger, I would dress monochromatic at times. All in red, green or blue.

2. I follow the leader at work. My boss. I do suggest new ways of doing things but I usually jump as high as they want me too and even higher.

3. I don’t believe in taking photographs when I travel. Pictures are useless to me except the ones from when I was young.

4. I have to force myself to go out on weeknights. I just hate having to go out. I prefer staying home in my pyjamas and going to bed when I feel tired.

5. I can’t stand people who are negative. The ones who complain but never change a thing.

6. I’m thinking about taking horticulture classes.

7. At the moment I’m waiting for Riz en folie to call to say they’re coming to deliver my order of rice pudding. Yes, my order of rice pudding. Pistachio, coffee and rocky road.

8. I can’t eat those mixes for tacos or soft shells they sell at grocery stores. I feel ill after.

9. I love McDonald’s nuggets. Unfortunately, I feel awful when I go to McDonald’s lately. Same thing with PFK. I crave the chicken but I can’t stop burping and feeling like a ton of bricks afterward.

10. I’m still waiting for Meg Ryan to do some romantic comedies that I’ll watch a 1000 times.

11. I prefer concerning myself with the real news : people around me living catastrophes or joys. This is real news to me, I can be there, I can do something even if it’s just listening.

12. I believe change comes from us, not the other person.

13. I’m not taking the pill.

14. I’m not polyamorous but I understand the concept.

15. I am now a James Patterson fan. I just love those Women Murder Club novels and I love those Maximum Ride novels.

16. I think I can make a reader out of pretty much everyone. When I met my boyfriend he had read about 12 books in his entire life and now he reads at least one book every week.

17. I also think I bring change around me. Someone once asked me if I thought I had changed a life. I answered Yes without hesitation.

18. I can’t be in my kitchen without doing dishes, picking stuff up or cooking.

19. I don’t like it when people badmouth other people we work with. But I listen. So I feel as bad as if I’d badmouthed them too.

20. I don’t mind spending between 5 and 10 dollars for coffee and something to eat if the setting is attractive, the service is irreproachable and the coffee and muffin, pudding, etc are super good.

21. I feel right when I exercise.

22. I like trying on all the shoes at the store. Even the ones I would never buy. I tried Italian leather high heel shoes that made me look fabulous. Never bought them.

23. I love grocery shopping. I would go every day if I had the time. I love comparing prices, looking for stuff…at least I use the food. Most of the time.

24. I just started selling books on Amazon, I sold my second one today and the first one the day before.

25. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is the best.