Lundi reconnaissant

  1. Le mix en haut. 🙂
  2. On a eu une fin de semaine ensoleillée ! Coup de soleil…
  3. J’ai essayé Bixi et c’est trippant.
  4. Mon amie, C., m’a quasiment écrit une lettre d’amour.
  5. M.M. a refait son apparition et on a rendez-vous mercredi.
  6. J’ai rêvé à mon ex (bark)…et quand je me suis réveillée, c’était juste un rêve.Fiou.
  7. J’ai mangé mes premières McCroquettes depuis que j’ai mes broches vendredi.
  8. J’ai mangé mon premier hamburger depuis que j’ai mes broches hier.
  9. Mon chum qui se lève de bonne heure pour m,aider avec mon pansement, qui m’attend pour aller prendre le métro. Priceless.
  10. Milwaukee dans 6 dodos.
  11. J’ai trouvé LE sac à dos pour mon laptop, mon carry-on pour l’avion.
  12. Mon chum et moi planifions un voyage pour cet été !!
  13. Ma cousine et moi, on s’est payé la traite chez De farine et d’eau fraîche !
  14. Les élections aujourd’hui. On va faire manger d’la marde à Harper. 🙂

Looking for this bag

I saw a girl yesterday with this bag but in the color Ocean teal. I can’t find it on Lug’s web site and it’s driving me crazy. It would solve my problem :

I don’t want 2 bags with me aboard the plane so a backpack in which I can carry my laptop would be great. I’m trying to find the right one and I can’t choose. If it was a Lug, I would buy it and that’s all. But I can’t find it.

If I can’t have the Lug, should I buy a Roxy, a Dakine, a Swiss army…

Show and Tell 9

Show and Tell is wasted on elementary schoolers. Join several dozen bloggers weekly to show off an item, tell a story, and get the attention of the class. In other words, this is Show and Tell 2.0.

I just love my Lug bag ! I bought it in Halifax last summer and I have been using it every week to go to the gym.

This is a picture I took online because I have trouble dowloading pictures from my camera, it’s complicated. When I had my mac, all I had to do was click on ON and it would open the iLife thingy. Now I’m all mixed up between Picasa and Kodak Easyshare and I have enough to fix at work that when I get home, my electronic doo-dahs just make me want to roar.

Mine is green. See ? There is a pocket for the shoes ! Many compartments and lots of space. I can store my gym shoes, my flip flops for the shower, all my shower stuff (soap, body cream, face cream, etc), my gym clothes, a book, my lunch…

Now that I have a new laptop that is huge, I want a new bag.  Of course, Lug was my first choice. I think I’m addicted. I visit their website every week and the only bags I want are their bags.

I was thinking about the sleeve, the large one :

It’s only 28$ but it’s only a sleeve. Usually I have books and everything so I was thinking about another bag…

A backpack. I don’t really like backpacks but it could be practical and less painful for my neck and shoulder. I would have to check what I can put in the bag besides the laptop. What would be the point if I can’t bring a book ?

And then there is this more ordinary laptop bag (same green as the one I already have) :

I have a lot of difficulty making a choice. I have to find a store where I can check every bag and make a choice, compare. I love them so much that I don’t care about the price. I paid mine 70$ in Halifax but here they’re maybe 75$. I would get them all and I would get a second credit card just to buy them all right now. But I won’t.