Une semaine et demie

Après une semaine et demie, voici ce que mon chum et moi avons appris :

  1. Si le bébé pète, attends qu’il ait pété au moins 3 fois avant de changer sa couche.
  2. Les tipis ne donnent rien, le pipi coule en-dessous !
  3. On n’a jamais trop de couvertures.
  4. On n’a jamais de couvertes-biberons géants-draps contours pour le changing pad…
  5. C’est mieux d’attendre qu’il ait bu au 2e sein avant de changer sa couche.
  6. Si on le berce ou on le porte debout après son boire, on a moins de risques qu’il régurgite ou qu’il fasse le ver à chou.
  7. Pour allaiter dans la chaise berçante, c’est mieux de mettre mes pieds sur le coffre à toutous pour ne pas avoir mal au dos et aux épaules.
  8. Si on veut souper en paix, il faut commencer à chauffer la bouffe avant son boire entre 16h et 17h et de compléter le tout après.
  9. Une demie-heure, c’est tout ce que ça prend en tête-à-tête avec mon chum pour me sentir connectée à lui. Pour ça, on couche le bébé dans sa bassinette entre 18h et 20h, jusqu’à ce qu’il demande le sein encore. Pendant ce temps-là, mon chum et moi nous dormons collés…sans bébé au milieu du lit !
  10. Pourquoi mettre des pyjamas si on peut le garder en couche ?

Plus forte

Mars 2008

I went to my pilates class this morning. I now keep my alarm clock on every day so I’m able to get up early enough to enjoy morning classes and, of course, the day. Every day I wake up at 7, even on Sundays. Unless I went to bed late and then on Sundays I get up at 9. For the last years I used to sleep all day because I had nothing better to do, I felt lonely and was so depressed with my life. Losing a fiance, a cat and a job plus abuse the same year will do that to you. Starting therapy was really hard on my moral also.

Since I started going back to the gym – after being on house arrest for two years because of an ankle injury – I feel so much better ! I don’t sleep all the time because I have more energy. I feel stronger, more present in my body.

I had taken pilates classes a few years back. I really liked it but I have to give credit to the instructor who was incredible with us. I have started it again a few weeks ago and it does make me stronger. I already have more muscle and a better posture. At least I know when I slouch, bend the spine, etc. The yoga class I take also helps.

Yesterday was my yoga class after work. The instructor just came back from India for a month long class. She says she missed us. Well, we missed her as well ! She teaches with blocks and a belt so we are more careful in our postures. Less accidents. The instructor who replaced her made us practice our balance which is difficult for me because of my ankle. My arch isn’t …arched anymore, so I wobble. I have to do beginner’s balance poses instead.

Being more grounded and solid in my body reminds me of when I had taken a self-defense class. I felt so more confident knowing I could defend myself. It has been a while but I still have the reflexes I developped in that class. I wish I had taken it before that. A friend had offered to pay for this type of class because he knew I had a tendency to be in trouble. But I had refused, I wasn’t ready, didn’t think I needed it that much.


If I had been more lucid I would have seen how much I needed to do this. It took a 300lbs and 6’3″ guy that I couldn’t get off me to make me angry and afraid enough to take the class. I have never regretted it even if I was shaky in class and had flashbacks. I think it’s the only thing that makes it okay to have flashbacks. Otherwise I could do without. If it didn’t cost this much I would take other classes that interest me.

You learn how to defend yourself when you are abused verbally and physically. There are classes for defending yourself against guns and knives also. Of course, if you get shot then…you’re dead. But if the attacker comes toward you, then you can disarm him/her. Or maybe just injure the attacker. In self-defense, the goal is to punch/kick/render blind and deaf (lol) and then run away. Works with me.

What I love is that I can kill with a pen. And I was the only girl in class who had no problem with the thought of sticking my fingers in the nose or eyes of my attacker. I knew that it could come to that. Now I know how.