C’est l’automne !

C’est l’automne ! Plein de gens le savaient déjà, mais, moi…je le découvre ce matin. Les feuilles changent de couleur, elles tombent, le temps est gris, bébé a le rhume depuis des semaines. Yé.

À part ça :

  • J’ai commencé Weight Watchers. C’est ma première semaine et de ce que je vois, je ne dépasse pas mes points. Mais, j’en ai beaucoup ! Chaque jour j’ai 40 points. 26 points pour une femme de 38 ans qui mesure 5’6″. 14 points de plus parce que j’allaite. 49 points bonis hebdomadaires. Des points de plus chaque fois que je fais de l’exercice. Je suis en train de dépenser mes points bonis, mais je n’ai pas encore touché à mes points d’exercice. Manger de la tarte à la citrouille aide beaucoup à dépenser des points…fini la tarte à la citrouille.
  • Ce sont les 2 derniers jours de bébé à la garderie. Il n’a plus sa place. La dame s’est enfin réveillée et a réalisé que si elle se faisait inspecter, sa garderie serait fermée parce qu’elle a trop d’enfants. Même si elle a deux assistantes.
  • Vu qu’elle peut garder bébé le soir, on va se faire des date nights mon chum et moi.
  • Il y a beaucoup d’efforts qui ont été mis dans Verdun depuis 2-3 ans. Notre rue a été refaite à neuf et ils sont en train de planter d’autres arbres ! Ça donne encore plus le goût de rester ici.
  • Roger 10-4, over and out.

Planning a day off on Friday

At work, we have the possibility of taking personal days, sick days or even to pay for extra days off. Friday, I’m planning on taking a day off. I’m tired. I have reading to do for my class, cookies to bake, cookies to give.

I have an appointment for a haircut and electrolysis and I am going to bring the girls (and guy) a Christmas box of cookies. Maybe even some sucre à la crème. Since I found that place, I really enjoy going there. They are taking care of me (for a price) so I will take care of their sweet tooth. It’s a bit in advance because Christmas isn’t for a month but I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to celebrate for weeks and weeks.

If I have enough cookies (I always have more than enough) I am planning on giving some to the café I love to say « Happy anniversary », they opened on December 5th. Then there is the gym. For the gym, I plan to have a box of sugary cookies and a box of clean cookies for those who eat clean. I am baking for a retirement party as well. For that party I’m planning on adding lavender shortbread and red velvet whoopie pies.

Besides that I’m planning on doing a painting for my Sister. I picked her name for the gift exchange at my parent’s. She has been wanting a painting of mine for a while and she can’t buy it. In my defense, I have to say that she has some paintings I have done because I gave them to her. Those that decorate my walls, I ask to be paid ! So I will paint her one. Just for her. I know it will make her happy. Of course, she will also have a box of cookies because she has a sweeter tooth now that she’s getting older and I want my nephew to know that his aunt bakes quite well. 🙂

Maybe I will go shopping because I lost only 5 pounds but my t-shirts are too big now. I have a pile of t-shirts I don’t dare wear in public anymore. People get a flash of bra, I always have to adjust the collar. I will ask my boyfriend to take my measurements so I can track my progress. The scale isn’t effective.

I’m going to be late for work…

Une (1) livre !!

J’ai perdu une livre ! Je suis pas mal contente. Depuis le mois d’août, j’ai pris 5 livres. Voyant que mon linge me fait encore, je me suis dit que c’était du muscle parce que j’ai un nouveau programme.

Hier, je me suis pesée et j’ai perdu une livre. Je vais me re-peser ce matin avant le pilates parce que c’est le matin qu’on est supposé faire ça.

Hier, j’ai aussi fait une femme de moi, j’ai gardé les yeux en avant, gardé ma colonne droite, et j’ai utilisé le big gym. J’ai utilisé des appareils que je n’avais jamais utilisé avant. J’ai failli sacrer le camp à terre aussi. Mais, j’ai demandé de l’aide alors j’ai réussi à faire tous mes exercices.

Ce matin, j’ai mal où ? Aux bras.

Ce matin, qu’est-ce que je fais ? Les jambes, puis du pilates.

Almost caught in Herbalife

I wrote about a weight loss challenge this morning and a wellness eval. Well…it was a Herbalife gig.

They are nice. The moka latte smoothie tastes good (a bit chalky) and the lemon tea that blasts fat tastes even better. However, I am not going to spend 250$ a MONTH to lose weight. I was going for the motivation, hoping there would be something in this group that would help me.

If I spend money, I might as well hire a fitness coach !

Wellness Evaluation

Today I get another wellness evaluation but from a group that does weight loss challenges.

I am going to the gym and training real hard with the weights. I am now using the 12.5 lbs dumbbells. This is a weight I have never used before. The max I had used was 8 lbs. So I’m real proud of myself.

I realized Monday that it is better for me to go to the gym alone (unless I find someone really dedicated to it) because I went with J-L and he had to quit before the first tier of the session. He said he couldn’t breathe. So I had to do less sets so I wouldn’t make him wait too long. He had gone downstairs to read while I finished my sets and my cardio. I found this frustrating.