Sounds he moves to

I find it really funny that Maël moves when he hears the sound of my electric toothbrush. But he also moves at the sounds of :

  • Shower
  • Metro
  • Schubert
  • Whales
  • J-L’s voice
  • My cat. I don’t know how he knows the cat’s there but when the cat arrives, the baby moves. Can’t be the purring, my cat doesn,t purr loudly.
  • Piano
  • Vivaldi
  • Dentist’s apparatus

It is so reassuring to feel him move. Whenever I want to feel him I can nudge him through my right side coastal region or I can lie down on my left side and wait.

Yesterday, I listened to music while I painted for his room :

On another subject : today was the last appointement of phase 2 of my braces ! Next appointment will be the start of phase 3 and it will last about a year and a half. Wouhouuuuuuuuuuu!!

Planning a day off on Friday

At work, we have the possibility of taking personal days, sick days or even to pay for extra days off. Friday, I’m planning on taking a day off. I’m tired. I have reading to do for my class, cookies to bake, cookies to give.

I have an appointment for a haircut and electrolysis and I am going to bring the girls (and guy) a Christmas box of cookies. Maybe even some sucre à la crème. Since I found that place, I really enjoy going there. They are taking care of me (for a price) so I will take care of their sweet tooth. It’s a bit in advance because Christmas isn’t for a month but I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to celebrate for weeks and weeks.

If I have enough cookies (I always have more than enough) I am planning on giving some to the café I love to say « Happy anniversary », they opened on December 5th. Then there is the gym. For the gym, I plan to have a box of sugary cookies and a box of clean cookies for those who eat clean. I am baking for a retirement party as well. For that party I’m planning on adding lavender shortbread and red velvet whoopie pies.

Besides that I’m planning on doing a painting for my Sister. I picked her name for the gift exchange at my parent’s. She has been wanting a painting of mine for a while and she can’t buy it. In my defense, I have to say that she has some paintings I have done because I gave them to her. Those that decorate my walls, I ask to be paid ! So I will paint her one. Just for her. I know it will make her happy. Of course, she will also have a box of cookies because she has a sweeter tooth now that she’s getting older and I want my nephew to know that his aunt bakes quite well. 🙂

Maybe I will go shopping because I lost only 5 pounds but my t-shirts are too big now. I have a pile of t-shirts I don’t dare wear in public anymore. People get a flash of bra, I always have to adjust the collar. I will ask my boyfriend to take my measurements so I can track my progress. The scale isn’t effective.

I’m going to be late for work…

Happy Moment

I went at Céramique Café last week to paint a ceramic bowl and a plate with C. and I went to get it today. I am very pleased with the result ! It looks like I wanted.

Plus, I have a 5$ rebate because they took a picture of the plate for their catalog.

And I sold one painting today, 30$. A friend had put a hold on it a while back and she gave me the money this morning.

Just waiting

Yep I’m just waiting.

I have been waking up at 4 all week and this morning at 5. I’m waiting for this to pass so I can sleep a bit more and be less tired and stop with the headaches.

I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish school and find a job so we can start TTC. My first time typing these letters.

I’m in my kitchen, my boyfriend is asleep, the cat is outside. I love quiet mornings like this. Even if I live in the city, I can hear birds. My neigboorhood is quiet enough, sun is coming up. I hear cars far away, birds, the freezer.

I’m waiting before beginning breakfast but I have my mug of coffee. Waiting to go buy some earth so I can begin my balcony garden. This year I decided to try plastic bins to have enough room to grow things that need more place for the roots. Like tomatoes. I have never grown tomatoes before. I got rid of the chair and table on my balcony so I have space for the bins. I would like to plant herbs also, love herb gardens. The earth will cost a lot because I bought 56L bins and I have to buy earth where there is delivery. We have no car, no driver’s license. But I just thought I could go to Canadian Tire and take a taxi to come back. Taxi will be more expensive than grocery delivery (yes, our grocery store sells earth) but the earth will be cheaper and I will be able to buy the one I like. Cool.

Waiting for the store to open.

Waiting for my paintings to sell so I have space for other paintings. I have white canvas that is waiting to be painted upon.

I think I was waiting to be really over all of « it » before deciding on getting rid of my paintings.

Now I’m waiting for people to buy them. I already sold one and maybe a second on Facebook. I would sell them on the net except I don’t want the trouble of sending them, some of these paintings are really big and I would have to detach the canvas from the frame.

I have to think about that.

Show and Tell 7

When I was a kid, I used to draw houses, cats, princesses. I took arts in school every year. I was planning to get a degree in arts one day. I went to college in arts too. I used to be very figurative in what I did. It used to be that you could clearly see what I was drawing and painting. And then it changed.

Maybe it was the depression. Maybe it was that I just couldn’t concentrate or breathe or live. I started to paint more gestually. Like I had to get stuff out of my system faster. Maybe it was everything I was keeping inside but that I still needed to get out : the agression, my parent’s drinking, my breakup with D. We had to do a remake of a painting and that’s when it started. My plan was to remake the painting in another colour but it wasn’t different enough. So I went at it differently by being more gestual and it was liberating. I was in a zone and I was surprised by the result but so were the teachers and students.

After that, I went to study something else in Montreal. The depression was still there but I didn’t have the time to draw or paint. Until 2002 when everything was threatening to crash down. Well, it had crashed. I was a train wreck. New meds, a roommate I was afraid of, relationships that went nowhere, a workplace that made people lose their sanity, learning that My Sister had almost been raped by my biodad…it was horrible. And I wanted to keep everything under control all the time. But sometimes it was just bubbling inside me, threatening to eat me alive and then I had to paint or go mad.

So I started painting again and the only thing I could do was abstract. Full of colour, full of movement. Dyptics, tryptics, huge canvases or many small ones.

This one was made in the small hours of the morning.  I was thinking about my ex-roommate. I was afraid, couldn’t sleep even if I kept a knife near my bed. I write this and everything seems so far away, so unbelievable. This painting is a witness of that time when I was deeply afraid, deeply ashamed, a time when I couldn’t speak. I just couldn’t. I was lost, completely lost. The only thing I had was my job and my cat (a beautiful white and black female with huge green eyes). And all I could do was paint when I couldn’t bury myself in my work anymore, or watch TV until I black out.

I rarely have time to paint anymore but every time I do a painting, it’s abstract, it’s huge, it’s colorful and a bit haunted.

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