Lundi reconnaissant

  1. Il fait soleil.
  2. Je peux contacter ma mère sur Skype pour lui montrer le bébé.
  3. La nuit passée, il a dormi un 3 heures et un 2 heures et demie.
  4. Mon chum m’a fait un breakfast burrito ce matin. Yum !
  5. Le cafééééééééééééééééééééééééééééé…
  6. On a trouvé 3 docteurs pour le bébé ! TROIS ! La preuve que faire ses devoirs ça paie.
  7. Il y a une boutique sur Wellington qui vend des paquets de 20 couches pour 5$. On paie 20$ pour 66 couches d’habitude.
  8. Pâques s’en vient, ça va être le temps de visiter les chocolateries.
  9. Pas de misère à allaiter, super cool.
  10. Mon chum va pouvoir rester à la maison jusqu’à mon réveil à 7h du matin au lieu de partir à 6h comme avant !

18 weeks left

Only 18 weeks left before the baby is here. I say 18 but it could be less or more.

It is disappointing that I can’t feel him but maybe it’s best if I consider that I started watching Walking Dead again… and having nightmares about it again.

I just started reading The Cruelest Month again and it’s set during Spring, Easter time. I wonder if the author planned that her first three books are set around some holiday ? Anyway, I was reading chapter 1 and I started daydreaming about egg hunting with the baby.

Grateful Monday

  1. I’m grateful Elizabeth invited me to join Pinterest.
  2. Internet : possibilities for finding information are endless.
  3. My little sister has made very good desserts for Easter.
  4. Two days of sun…
  5. In a 4 days weekend.
  6. I found a 3M distributor where I can buy Cavilon products.
  7. I found an online pharmacy where I can buy Mefix.
  8. I found a natural products store that sell Manuka honey : more brands, less expensive than Rachelle-Bery.
  9. The food I made for Easter was good and my brother-in-law ate more than one portion.
  10. I have enough money.

Lundi reconnaissant

  1. Un nouvel oreiller ! C’est un oreiller mémoire et c’est super.
  2. J’ai trouvé mes souliers de zumba.
  3. J’adore le linge de gym que j’ai acheté il y a deux semaines.
  4. Je suis contente d’être allée chez Costco et Ikea avec mes parents. Ça s’est bien passé.
  5. Je me suis enfin décidée à acheter un moulin à café. Je vais enfin pouvoir acheter du café équitable non moulu.
  6. Depuis que mon chum voit ses amis le dimanche au lieu du vendredi, je trouve ça pas mal plus le fun. On a le temps de se voir tout de suite après la semaine de travail. On passe du temps ensemble avant d’aller jouer avec nos amis le dimanche. Lui avec ses amis et moi avec C.
  7. Dans 4 jours de travail, c’est le congé de Pâques et mes vacances !!
  8. Dans 4 semaines, c’est le congrès.
  9. Je suis reconnaissante qu’il y a toujours une ou deux personnes sur lesquelles je peux compter pour m’envoyer  leur travail avant la réunion.
  10. Je suis reconnaisssante que mon top noir est sec ce matin. Je vais pouvoir le mettre tout à l’heure !

Grateful Monday

  1. The Wave machine is making me stronger, I can feel it !! It’s a TechnoGym cardio machine and I really love it.
  2. I know where I can buy zumba shoes : at Sports Experts, Carrefour Angrignon.
  3. AND I get to tell the whole class where they can buy them.
  4. I may be going to Québec earlier in the day than expected to give a training to another institution about what I work with. So…
  5. I will travel alone. I like my colleagues but if I can spend time alone on a train and in Québec, wouhou !!
  6. I will be able to go to ChocoMusée Erico earlier than I thought.
  7. I will get to settle in earlier.
  8. Tofu. I just love tofu. At the moment I have greek tofu (seems to be like feta cheese), garam masala tofu, ginger tofu.
  9. Easter is in two weeks which means I will finally be able to eat chocolate.
  10. I spent Sunday afternoon with C. and we walked and talked. I got to tell her how the party we went to in February made me feel.
  11. My boyfriend is the sweetest, most caring, most incredible and handsome man I know.
  12. I sent my second homework to the tutor.
  13. I found a laptop bag !! Well, I’m addicted to Lug and in the last two months I bought a camera case, a laptop sleeve, another bag and now the laptop bag. I am grateful they exist and grateful I have money to buy everything.

Pâques 2008 : Le chemin de croix du chocolat

Aaaah. Easter !

The smell of chocolate is in the air, the bells are ringing, it’s time to cook roast or duck or eat from a buffet standing…Jesus est ressuscité…

Friday I did my chocolate walk, painting the town Brown. I went to my favorite chocolate places and bought LOTS of chocolate. Milk, dark, expensive and cheap. When I came home…I couldn’t resist !! I had to taste.

Oups ! I finished a milk chocolate bunny of high quality. I broke a dark chocolate egg and tasted it. Yesterday, I devoured a cheap, very good nonetheless, chicken with pink eyes. Started by crushing the head and eating an eye, than the rest of the head and all the rest.

Today, I almost ate all my dark chocolate egg. There is still a bit left. I still have a box of very nice chocolates to taste : ginger, rosemary, coffee… I looooove Easter ! 🙂 No chocolate is so bad that it can’t be eaten. Almost.