Rêve avec des Oeufs encore et le beau P.R.

27 avril 2008

I dreamed I was masturbating with my eggs (the gadget, not the white and yellow eggs) in a bed, door closed. But I was hearing people I know talking about something.

While I was lying down, eyes closed, asleep, I felt someone sitting on my bed and it was the beautiful and muscled P.R. It was hot and humid, too much for him so I knew he wouldn’t stay.

He said « it’s me, the beautiful P., I know you want me ». I opened my eyes, I smiled and I got back to sleep. I think I said « Not really ».He sniffed my neck, my breasts « you smell good but not right now » he said.

I put his strong arms  under my head to have a better pillow.

« I can’t stay » he said. I kissed him and got back to sleep. I think he went away.

The therapist said it was spring and I wanted more affection than sex. Also, I was living my sex life in my dreams. Wow. What a sex life. Couldn’t help but laugh.

Rêve sur Ma Soeur, un ravin et des oeufs

18 mai 2009

My Sister was my sister and my brother. We had lost a friend (dead) and I think I was trying to know how. I learned that he jumped a ravine.

In my dream, I had to clean trash cans (put in new bags in other bags) and clean the fridge. I was very disgusted, it gave me nausea. While I was doing that, the park appeared.

And an empty egg box, cut in half, appeared in the air.

It was sundown.

I was trying to catch the half cardboard egg box. When I succeeded, the half box was disappearing and the other half box was appearing to mock me. During this time, three identical cats appeared als. One beside the fridge, one near me in the park and one farther than me in the park. When I tried approaching, it moved away. I tried the other one, same thing. I knew it had something to do with our friend. All the while I was battling with the egg boxes, I opted for the cat that was farther in the park. And while I was approaching an illusion of a ravine appeared and I knew that it was that one that caused the death of our friend.

I screamed « *name of my sister* I have it ! »

She came from the living room. I couldn’t move I was afraid to fall.

She knew it was an illusion. She said : « I don’t see anything, come on, come ! »

So I threw myself in her arms. And the earth became darker and started to crumble around us. I said to her that I had the eggs it was ok. I had the box of eggs.

But we started to fall anyway. She screamed « The eggs!! »

And I to shout « Coco coco coco !! »

Then we died. There was a yellow flash of lightning.