Quiche and National Geographic

Hmmm…it smells like quiche, a quiche with too much cheese in it. You guessed it, I’m baking a quiche. Very simple, mushrooms, yellow pepper and tomatoes and all the cheese I had : cheddar and feta. oh and 4 eggs and 1/2 cup of milk.

I just wanted to empty the fridge a bit. I tend to buy lots of stuff and the fridge is crammed and so are the freezers. Since tonight is the night I go pick up our vegetables and fruits box, I thought I would empty the shelves a bit.

Wow, I am hearing a bit of National Geographic again. There is something between my roof and my ceiling and there was a fight just when I was about to finish my post. Oh. Okay. The scratching and screaming is almost finished…oh it started again. Almost sounds like ducks. So weird. The guy is coming tomorrow to check what is going on.