Gerard SuperCat Detective

If he was human he would be a biker. One has to see him to understand but I almost bought an Harley Davidson collar for him.

He lived with his human three houses from me. At the time I thought that his human had moved or that his human was careless. I saw him maow in front of the house and bent to pet him. He’s a big cat, quite a guidoune. He will let himslef be touched by anyone.

So a couple days after I see him again. « Come ! My neighbour has food. » He doesn’t follow. After taking him in my arms to smell his cat smell (hum wet cat fur) and pet him, I let him down and go home.

Then a week after, he is still there, outside, meowing so loud I would think people would hear ! I pet him again, he ‘s so cuuuute. He followed me. Good, I thought, he will come eat madame Monette’s food. But he came in…ohoh. I closed the door, quickly went to the store and bought litter and food and came back. I opened the upstairs door so he could come in, insatlled the litter and a bowl of food. He stayed the night. He came back the night after. He disappeared for a day or two and came back and is still there !

I since learned that his name was Bonsaï, and that he lived with a neighbour. Oups. The neighbour was depressed so the cat disappeared even if he was fed with shrimp and salmon. he had also belonged to his ex and she had found him on the street.

So Gerard the Detective Cat, lives with me and explores the neighbourhood in search of information mafia-related. He goes into the neighbour’s house, dominates cats that want to claim porches as their own, and makes friends all over ! A neighbour once found him in his closet. Another found him under the bed. He mostly likes to be pet and hugged even by kids. It freaks out madame Monette who thinks he’s going to be kidnapped. Little does she know that he is a Biker, a survivor, a true detective !!