Petit samedi tranquille

C’est une des fins de semaine où mon chum ne voit pas ses amis. A. a réquisitionné son chum ce qui fait que j’ai le mien à moi toute seule ! Mais, bon, il joue à son nouveau jeu d’ordinateur…à la maison quand même !

Ce matin, on est allé chez Cool&Simple dépenser mon coupon Groupon. 40$ de surgelés de luxe pour le prix de 20$ : 1kg d’haricots au beurre, 1kg de poireaux en rondelles, 6 croissants au beurre, tortelli au crabe et au homard (qui a pris la moitié de la valeur du coupon, ouch), poêlée salardaise. Les tortellis vont nous servir à se faire une date à la maison.

On a marché jusque-là, puis on a marché pour revenir jusqu’à La Belle Province (très chic) et j’ai acheté des cupcakes chez Itsi Bitsi vu qu’on est passé devant. J’avais une rage de frites et hot dogs depuis une bonne semaine et je résistais. Vu que c’est la fin de semaine, j’ai dit « au yab! ». Puis, de retour à la maison, j’ai siesté. Tsé, 4km de marche c’est rien d’habitude mais enceinte de 38 semaines, c’est pas mal fatiguant ! Mon plan c’était de lire, mais je me suis mise sur le côté pis j’ai dormi.

Après, j’ai lu ! J’ai tellement de livres à lire…pis je veux en profiter avant que le bébé soit né.

Demain matin, je date mon chum pour le brunch ! On va au Vallier dans le Vieux-Montréal. Je sors mon chum, je profite de lui avant que le bébé soit là. On va avoir une couple de semaines d’hibernation faque je veux sortir en amoureux avec lui.

Fait encore frette

-27 today !

Today is the day we chose to go at Canadian Tire to buy the shelves that will serve as the changing station. I also had to go to the library. Needless to say that we came back from Canadian Tire by taxi. Because my bladdervagina hurts now when I walk too long I went to the library by bus.

Bladdervagina : The place in my body that hurts at the end of the day. It hurts when I stand too much, when I walk too much, when it’s time to lie down.

The few people that were outside were as bundled as I was. No little lady in short skirt today !

I went to Itsi Bitsi for a cupcake and a latte while I finished reading « Paper Towns ». I didn’t think I would like the book so much. But I did.

I came home and J-L had assembled the shelves and I placed the diapers, wipes, etc. The changing pad is securely clipped.

The baby is coming soon, I’m in my 9th month. My maternity pants are still too loose, my old t-shirts from Reitmans still fit, I still go to the gym.

You Capture : Sweet

Wouhouuu !! Isn’t it perfect that this week’s You Capture is Sweet ? When I have to post about my cupcake tasting ? In-cre-di-ble. Well, to me it is.

To those who don’t know what You Capture is…follow the link ! Hosted by Beth.

So for my cupcake testing I bought some at 4 places in Montreal. 3 renowned places and one coffee shop who just happened to have cupcakes for Easter. I had to do this on multiple weeks, I would have exploded ! I wrote this post from worst to best. What counts as very good cupcake to  me is a cupcake where the cake is fresh, there is no lingering fatty impression in the mouth after the tasting, there is plenty of frosting, the frosting is not grainy, it must taste good and it must look spectacular.

First of all, the cupcakes from La Tazza on rue Wellington. La Tazza is a very cute coffee shop. They sell mostly European products, they sell coffee and Kusmi tea as well. They happen to have cupcakes. I bought one when J-L and I decided to stop there to drink something warm while we were shopping.

This cupcake is chocolate with vanilla frosting. I bought it just after Easter and I should have known that after easter, if they still had themed cupcakes, it was not going to be fresh. Too sweet, cute but dry.   Even with all the decoration, they looked homemade which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Second, Itsi Bitsy on rue Notre-Dame in St-Henri. To my chagrin, Itsi did not deliver its promise this time. I had a greasy feeling in my mouth after having eaten the cupcakes. My teeth felt fuzzy.

Maple-vanilla, Cosmo, Vanilla-coconut and Classic chocolate

Itsi Bitsy’s cupcakes are basic in their look. Colors are not funky. They are too sweet and a bit dry, there is not that much frosting on them. My boyfriend thought the Cosmo tasted too much of lime and it took all the place. I thought the chocolate cupcake was just too much and the coconut frosting was good but the cake was ordinary. I didn’t taste the maple at all in the maple-vanilla cupcake.

Cosmo cupcake : lots of lime, a bit of cranberry

Third, to my great surprise because I thought they would be third, Petits Gâteaux on avenue Mont-Royal. We bought mini cupcakes so we could sample more for less and they were better than the regular ones.

A special box to transport the mini cupcakes...would be more practical if the cupcakes stayed at their place !

The mini cupcakes were less dry than their bigger counterparts ! But still tasted like box cake. I like box cake once in a while but not on a 1.60$ or 3$ cupcake.


The mini cupcake was vanilla, yogourt-raspberry and it was very good ! Not too sweet with a tartness that was refreshing. It was very cute too !

Vanilla-coconut, Coffee and Raspberry-yogourt

The blue cupcake is one I usually buy because I like the color. The frosting is great but…box cake.The frosting was grainy because of the sugar.

The brown one is coffee and it was good. It tasted like granulated coffee, not too sweet.

What is fun with mini cupcakes is that they have a lot of frosting !

My boyfriend ate Carrot, Banana-sucre à la crème and Vanilla. He gave 3* to Carrots, 2 stars for the two other ones. It means that Vanilla was ordinary, banana tasted like bananas but the sucre à la crème on top didn’t taste and Carrot was okay.

Fourth, the best in show as always, Les Glaceurs ! I have bought cupcakes three times and am always filled with awe and joy by their selection, by their beauty and taste. The Red Velvet is a popular choice there.

Red Velvet


As you can see, they are beautifully decorated and colorful. The cake is not always « unboxy » as in not box cake but it is fresh and the frosting is plentiful and delicious. Very sweet but in a « give me more » kind of way. They really are topped with frosting, no thin spread there.

Classic chocolate with an Eggie on top !

Show and Tell 13

Show and Tell is wasted on elementary schoolers. Join several dozen bloggers weekly to show off an item, tell a story, and get the attention of the class. In other words, this is Show and Tell 2.0.

Last Sunday, I went to the library before going to Super C (frozen Ristorante pizzas were sold at 2.77$, a bargain and they’re my favorite). The library had called to say a book was ready for me and there were in fact three books for me and I ended taking out many others. Anywhoo. On the way to go to Super C, I stopeed at ItsyBitsy. I wanted a cupcake for my Show and Tell !

It’s a vanilla-coco cupcake. In the afternoon, all that was left were either vanilla cupcakes or chocolate ones. Since I give up chocolate for Lent, I couldn’t try the Smores cupcake or the chocolate-caramel cupcake. I asked them to decorate it so it would be pretty. They added pink sparkle and flowers.

ItsyBitsy is one of the few places in Montreal where they have those cute cupcakes. Unfortunately, I have not found any place that had THE most delicious cupcakes…except in Halifax. 🙂 It’s a bit far to get my sugar fix even if my friend works near the place and it would be great to spend time at Susie’s Shortbreads on break. In Montreal, the cupcakes I tasted were either dry, not sweet enough, or tasted like Duncan Hines which is the case of those cupcakes. Petits Gâteaux has the most beautiful cupcakes and the prettiest shop but they taste like box cake and box cake is great but not when it’s the taste of cupcakes that should be homemade and that cost near 3$ each.

I put my cupcake on this plate which was given to me by my mom when she came back from Paris last year. Porcelaine with a coquelicot drawing, the colors are striking and the design along the edge is delicate and feminine. I love that plate.

Now, go over at Mel’s to see what others are showing.