Show and Tell 4

Today for Show and Tell I am presenting my cat ! I can’t say his name because if someone I know sees this post they’re going to put 2 and 2 together. My cat looks like many others so people will just think it’s a cat and not my cat. He’s a minor celebrity, you know.

Pleaaaase open the door !

People at work know of him and talk of him as a reference compared to other cats. And people in the neighborhood have different names for him because he is known and they know he lives with me but they don’t know if he’s male or female and what his name is. If they leave doors opened he’s going to come in and sleep in your closet or eat your dog and cat food. He’s going to sleep on your chair and guard your stairs.

King of the freezer

I whistle to call him when he’s outside and he comes running when he’s not busy scaring the bejeezus out of another cat. Lately my boyfriend and I have seen something  funny when we whistle for him…other cats run away. Where we live, there are many many strays. In the summer when I get up I can see at least 3 cats in the alley from my window. So when we whistle, cats run from our stairs, from under cars, from our neighbors’ lawn…we find this very funny.

Planning to conquer the world

Planning to conquer the world

His territory covers the whole alley behind the block, the front of the block and the other side of the street. I have only seen him afraid of one cat. This cat was a stray that liked to stay on the front porch because of my downstairs neighbor’s cat food. I would go to work and he would be there, same thing when I came back. He just wouldn’t budge and my cat couldn’t make him go away. It’s the only time I could see him feeling scared or really not at ease with something (apart if other cats are in the house). He wouldn’t go out of the house through the front door. Then he came back home one day and he had been fighting and the other cat was gone.

Oh my cat came living with me after being treated badly by his previous owner who was depressed and smoking crack. He would forget the cat was outside at minus 30. He was already neutered. He makes noises or does confetti with something to express his need to go out or his need for attention because he can’t meow. It took him a year and a half to purr and more than that to purr normally without sounding like a rusted metal part.

I just loooooooove this cat.

To see what the other participants are up to click on the link for Show and Tell at the left in the frame. Mel usually posts her Show and Tell later in the day. It’s now 4 o’clock in the morning so I doubt Mel is posting anything right now…

L’Homme Idéal, la liste

Almost a year ago I made a list of what would be the qualities that my « perfect man » would have. I KNOW perfection doesn’t exist. But one can still dream about what the dream man would be like ! Anyway, I had forgotten about most of what was on that list but I read it when I came home from the gym and it seems this guy I know has most of what is on the list ! How weird is that ? he doesn’t have everything but a lot.

Gars idéal

1.    En bonne santé mentale / Good mental health
2.    Prends soin de lui / Takes care of himself
3.    Respectueux de lui-même / Respects himself
4.    Respectueux des autres, de son environnement / respects others and his environment
5.    Capable de s’exprimer / Capable of verbal and non verbal communication, expresses himself
6.    Gentil / Nice
7.    Intelligent
8.    Honnête / Honest
9.    Fidèle / Faithful
10.    Positif / Positive
11.    Bonne santé physique, pas aveugle, etc. (Pas de MTS ou herpès ou SIDA, pas handicapé) / Good physical health : no STDs, not seropositive, not handicapped, etc.
12.    A déjà fait de la thérapie, au moins un an / Has done therapy at least a year
13.    Comprends le mot non, n’insiste pas pendant cent ans / Understands the word « NO », doesn’t insist for 100 years
14.    S’implique émotivement / Emotionally available and ready to commit
15.    N’hésite pas à encourager / Doesn’t hesitate to encourage
16.    Aime embrasser / Likes to kiss
18.    Aime les chats, n’est pas allergique / Likes cats and is not allergic
19.    A une bonne job / As a good job
20.    Aime son travail / Likes his work
21.    Imaginatif / Creative or imaginative
22.    Aime marcher / Likes to walk
23.    Tendre / Caring
24.    Doux / gentle
25.    Patient / patient
26.    Fais des activités physiques régulièrement (Baise pas avec sa télé, Baise pas avec son ordi) / Is physically active – isn’t married with his TV or his computer
27.    Trouve que je suis assez bonne pour lui / I’m good enough for him
28.    Capable de faire d’autres projets que des voyages, les voyages sont loin d’être prioritaires, il comprend que le vrai voyage se fait ici, toute la vie / Doesn’t have travel on his mind
29.    S’intéresse à une fille, pas à tout ce qui bouge / is interested in ONE woman not in everything wearing a skirt
30.    Aime lire / Likes to read
31.    Sait conduire mais n’a pas de voiture / Knows how to drive but does not own a car
32.    Sexy
33.    Grand (5 pieds 9 à 6 pieds 3) / Tall (5’9″ up to 6’3″)
34.    Belle peau / Nice skin
35.    Ne boit presque pas / Doesn’t drink a lot
36.    Ne fume pas / Doesn’t smoke
37.    Ne touche pas aux drogues, n’y a jamais touché / Doesn’t take drugs, has never taken some
38.    Pratique le safe sex et n’a pas de pratiques sexuelles douteuses / Practices safe sex and has no weird sexual habits
39.    Porter un condom est naturel pour lui / Wearing a condom feels natural to him
40.    A de l’ambition, des buts / Has ambition, goals
41.    Sait faire des massages / Knows how to give massages
42.    Aime cuisiner, cuisine bien / Likes to cook, cooks well
43.    N’aime pas la musique heavy metal ou techno / Doesn’t like heavy metal or techno music. I should add Enya, Loreena McKinnett, etc.
44.    S’aime et s’accepte sans être narcissique / Likes and accepts himself without being narcissistic
45.    Badtrippera pas sur mes choix de lecture / Will not go on a badtrip over what I read
46.    Ne refoule pas ses émotions / Doesn’t hide his emotions
47.    Va accepter ma décision par rapport aux enfants : j’en veux ou pas / Will accept my decision about kids – I want some or not
48.    A le pouce vert / Possesses a green thumb
49.    Capable de partager ses intérêts, ses goûts, ses talents / Capable of sharing his interests, what he likes, his talents
50.    Habile de ses mains : pour la maison / Is handy with housework, woodwork and whatever around the house
51.    Habile de ses mains : sexuellement / Is handy sexually
52.    Capable de faire un budget et de le tenir / capable of establishing a budget and to keep it
53.    Réaliste / Realist
54.    A des choses à dire ! Sans être un moulin à paroles ni un accaparant, un radoteur / Has something to say ! Without being a rambler or monopolizing
55.    Catholique croyant à « théorie » comme moi. Ou catholique comme Lisa. Ou athée. / Catholic or atheist
56.    Est « spirituel » mais pas gna-gna comme LF / Spiritual without being gna-gna (crystals, luminous dreams and whatnots)
57.    A lu No Logo, trouve que Michael Moore est drôle mais exaggère, que les pubs pour femmes sont débiles, mais ne sont que des pubs / Has culture and general knowledge, opinions : has read No Logo, finds Michael Moore funny but exaggerated, knows that women-oriented publicity is just that, publicity
58.    Prend ma main en public /Takes my hand in public
59.    Ne pense pas maison, bébé, mariage au bout d’une semaine ou d’un mois et demi…ou de six mois / Doesn’t think about house, baby, marriage after a week, a month and a half…or six months
60.    Me dit qu’il m’aime au moins une fois par semaine, est attentionné et romantique. / Says he loves me at least once a week, is thoughtful and romantic
61.    Fais mon café chaque matin même s’il est fâché / Makes me coffee every morning even when he is mad at me
62.    Habite seul / Lives alonel
63.    Sourit / Smiles
64.    Fait le même salaire que moi ou meilleur / Same salary as me or better
65.    Se renseignera sur ma maladie et n’en fera pas une maladie, justement. Me posera des questions, verra que je suis « moi » et pas une telle personne qu’il a connu…/ Will gather information on my illness and will not become sick about it ! Will ask questions, will see who I am and that I’m not someone else.
66.    Prends ses responsabilités / Takes his responsibilities
67.    A des amis, est sociable / has friends, is sociable
68.    A un bon contact avec sa famille, une famille sans problèmes majeurs / has good relations with his family, has a family without big problems
69.    Accepte mon bordel sinon il en ramasse une partie / Accepts my mess or he cleans up !

Ça vient de commencer et déjà, j’en ai plein le club sandwich

Well, I’m dating again after having my butt kicked by the Cynical One. I saw how afraid I was and it made me react after all this time. I thought that maybe I would never date again.

The thing is I still don’t see reasons to have a boyfriend. I don’t fall in love easily and my mind is set on finding someone my age so I can live longer with the person. My mind is set on many qualities this Wonder Guy should possess. Would it make me fall harder ? I think so.

Anyway, I was supposed to go out Friday and I changed my mind. There is this man who is realllyyy courting me. In French we say « Il me court après », he’s running after me, chasing me. I dream about him often, I think about him a lot and I said no to him more times than I can count. Since I decided to date again, I think about him. But I know it wouldn’t work in long term. I called him anyway on Friday night.

We watched a movie at his place, he was nice enough to come get me on the other side of the city on his motorcycle. Geez the ride transformed me in a ice cube. But it was warm at his place with his two cats, a blanket and him. I had trouble concentrating when he took my hand and ouf…everything he was doing was arousing. All he was doing was caressing my hand or my neck.

I slept there and he was very patient, very nice. It was decided that we were not going to do « it ». And we didn’t. It felt so good to be in his arms, to feel his warmth. It wasn’t x-rated but we had trouble sleeping. I was so aroused it was almost painful but I didn’t want to just do it and regret it. I want to get to know him.

I would like to sleep with him again but I don’t want things to get complicated. He always said he would take what I can give. I can’t give that much. Eventually he’s going to want more. He’s already written about hoping one day telling me he loves me and this morning he almost jumped at me. Maybe I’m just really introverted. But I like it low key. I don’t want people to know about this, I don’t want to kiss and hug in public and it’s not a fixed thing. He’s already saying the « things » : he’s always going to be there, his apartment is available for me, I come when I want…

I would make him read my blog but he’s already reading it ! he doesn’t get that I don’t believe those « things ». I believe actions. And, really, I need affection, not sex. If I’m dating it’s to look at what’s out there. It’s to get used to the idea of also putting myself out there.

He doesn’t want more kids, he can’t have any more. Well, I would like some. And he’s older. As in Oldeeer. Like twenty-something years my senior which makes me worried about a lot of things. Am I the only one that knows about what age difference can do to a couple ? And as I said, I want to live with someone for a long while, not see him die when I get to stop working or I don’t want to put him in a home while I go out and have fun. When I’m 50, he’s going to be 72.

Sigh. I really felt great being with him but it’s not something I would do every week I think. I don’t see myself having sex right now. Even if I’m on radar, aroused easily. I’m not ready.

C’est drôle. J’y allais tellement à reculons et j’aurais dû continuer à reculer jusqu’à rentrer chez moi et ne pas le voir. C’est con, les hormones. Je suis contente d’avoir décidé d’arrêter de le voir, ça vait pas d’allure et il m’étouffait. I wasn’t into him.