Different things I witnessed today

  1. The cheese boutique at Marché Atwater has no Laliberté cheese.
  2. They have multiple choices of pecorino cheese.
  3. They sell their mascarpone cheese cheaper than at Super C.
  4. Stefano Faita‘s recipes cost  a lot of money…
  5. Pain Doré has changed its products making my visit less good.
  6. Café Baobab has better muffins.
  7. Pain Doré charges 1.50$ for any of their coffees before 10 am, this is a great bargain.
  8. Warshaw maison may have changed owners because the store is laid out differently and the window displays are dirty and need changing.
  9. My neuronitis is back a bit while I was better yesterday.
  10. My date squares are amazing. First time I have baked this and I’m very happy with the results.

Grateful Monday

  1. I saw the Harry Potter movie this weekend in a very air conditioned movie theater. I think it was the best of the Harry Potters!
  2. Did I mention air conditioning ? So grateful.
  3. Iced coffee
  4. Ice cream
  5. The fetus is twice as big as 10 days before the ultrasound I had on Friday which means that even if I have a placenta abruption and that the amniotic pouch has taken the form of a guitar, it is doing okay and the heart was still beating fast.
  6. We tried the poutine at Poutine Ville after the appointment and we were delighted !
  7. Only three days and a half until my vacation.
  8. I stopped bleeding for the moment.
  9. Plenty of books to read.
  10. Cheese !

Quiche and National Geographic

Hmmm…it smells like quiche, a quiche with too much cheese in it. You guessed it, I’m baking a quiche. Very simple, mushrooms, yellow pepper and tomatoes and all the cheese I had : cheddar and feta. oh and 4 eggs and 1/2 cup of milk.

I just wanted to empty the fridge a bit. I tend to buy lots of stuff and the fridge is crammed and so are the freezers. Since tonight is the night I go pick up our vegetables and fruits box, I thought I would empty the shelves a bit.

Wow, I am hearing a bit of National Geographic again. There is something between my roof and my ceiling and there was a fight just when I was about to finish my post. Oh. Okay. The scratching and screaming is almost finished…oh it started again. Almost sounds like ducks. So weird. The guy is coming tomorrow to check what is going on.