You Capture : Flowers

Instead of planning this post, I should be doing the laundry and packing my gym bag for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is upper body day !

Ans instead of watching my new obsession, Big Bang Theory, I should be planning this post. I should also put away my magazines that I just post-itted…

I guess I have the time to do a little blitz before going to bed with my book and getting up to hang the clothes.

So here is my capture for this week !

Lundi reconnaissant

  1. C’est lundi et on est en congé
  2. J’ai découvert qu’à 15h30 en semaine ou vers 14h la fin de semaine, il n’y a pas beaucoup de monde au gym.
  3. Mon chum est venu avec moi au gym cet après-midi.
  4. Liquid Nutrition…hmmmm…
  5. Je suis rendue aux 12.5 livres (dumbbells).
  6. Mon linge Lululemon est super confortable !
  7. Mon CELI ING. Grâce à lui, je vais mettre de l’argent sur ma carte de crédit (qui me fait payer des intérêts) et la faire baisser au max…
  8. Je vais ensuite pouvoir payer mes plans de financement (sans intérêts) ! Yé !
  9. Les roses que je me suis acheté pour ma fête sont belles. On est en septembre mais je ne m’étais pas payé de fleurs encore alors, je me suis payée un petit bouquet à 10$. Ça me rend contente.
  10. Je trippe toujours sur mes programmes Oxygen !

Sweet Shot Tuesday

I am so behind in my stuff. For example, I am blogging instead of finishing my coffee, my breakfast and preparing my lunch. I am supposed to be out of the house in 15 minutes. Tsk. Also, I haven’t posted about my last two awards. I don’t understand what makes this weekend so frantic for me. Oh yeah, no laptop at my parent’s. Ok.

I just now decided I would buy myself lunch instead.

So…I am participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday for the 2nd time. Ye!

Here are pictures from my parents’ backyard, the pond. It is in fact my dad’s project. My mom does the flowers, my dad (her boyfriend) does the trees, the pond, the fountains, etc. The pictures are clickable.

I really like their garden, it’s very peaceful.

Lilac nain

You Capture : Spring the 2nd time around

Welcome to You Capture !

This week we are revisiting Spring. Last week’s theme was also spring. So I went for a walk with J-L and took lots of pictures. Most of them were in Old Montreal which made me realized how grey Old Montreal is compared to Old Quebec.

However my spring pictures are more cheery. I took them near where I live.

Comme si le toit était en feu.

Sunsets like flames on the roofs come with spring.

We saw tulips growing in the grass. Just growing there in the middle of it like they were thrown there. Or maybe the tulip fairy flew over the grass and some tulip dust settled there.

Plants just grew through the bike. I think it’s beautiful. A mix of city and nature.

***Surprise Me got me a gospel choir when I published this post ! I loved it.

You Capture : Fresh

You Capture is hosted at Keli’s again this week. Look at what everyone is showing for this week’s You Capture !

I was puzzled by this week’s challenge.

Fresh bread, a fresh cup of tea, fresh cut flowers ?

Newly laundered sheets ? Meat from the butcher’s ? Fresh fruit ?

A shirt from the cleaners ?

Nope…fresh-bloomed flowers and fresh cupcakes ! Yippee !!

This hyacinth was given to me by my mother. Beautiful. But at the moment, no flowers remain. I’m glad I took pictures.

Yum. Chocolate-coconut cupcake from Les Glaceurs. I hope to write a post soon about the cupcakes I have eaten there. As my cousin said to me, they are the best in Montreal.