Grateful Monday

Finally I relaize it’s Monday before Wednesday. That’s what happens when I don’t work. I don’t know which day it is. But today I do.

  1. Clean water
  2. Hot water
  3. Heat
  4. Going for chai lattes with A.
  5. Coming home from shopping and lying down.
  6. Kale chips
  7. Money in the bank
  8. Knowing that in 5 weeks more or less I will have a glass of something alcoholic and some brie and some sushi. Not all together…
  9. Feeling my muscles ache because I went to the gym yesterday.
  10. A 2 hours nap is what I need in the morning to feel refreshed if I haven’t slept most of the night.

Training at the gym

I went to the gym on Oct. 13th and here is what I did :

  • Ball squat : 2×15
  • Leg press : 100lbs 2×15
  • Step lunge : 2×12
  • Standing leg curl : 15lbs 2×10
  • Lying bridge : 2×15
  • Calves machine : 32.5 lbs ou kg, can’t remeber 2×12
  • Captain’s chair : 3×3
  • Ball side jackknife : 2×10

The captain’s chair and the jackknives didn’t feel comfortable so I think I will stick with planks. Also, I have to up the resistance on the leg press, the calves machine and I have to do 3 sets. But I was tired.

Today, I will do this :

  • Flat bench pullover : 3×8-12, using 15lbs
  • Flat bench flye : 3×8-12, using 10lbs
  • Incline press : 3×8-12, using 15 lbs

I will not be using the flat bench because I end up hurting my bobo and in the 2nd trimester, women are not supposed to lie on their back for more than 30 seconds. I will use the stability ball which makes me use more of my core muscles.

  • I will do the stability ball plank 2-3 times trying to hold for 30-45 seconds. The I will attempt the incline back bridge for whatever amount of time I can hold it. It may not be possible for me to do this. If not, I will do the 4-legged superman for my back.
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Swimming and walking !

Fit Saturday

Sunday : Cardio and toning

Monday : Zumba and 20 minutes walk

Tuesday : Walk

Wednesday : Don’t remember. I should have noted my activity every day like I was doing before.

Thursday : Cardio for 10 minutes and spinning and walking. Pilates was cancelled at last minute so I tried spinning again. I thought I would combust from the heat but I made it for 30 minutes. 172 lbs

Friday : Walking

Saturday : 15 minutes walk. We went at Canadian Tire to buy earth and rocks and now I’m waiting for my dad to pick us up to go at my parent’s so we can celebrate Mother’s day, Father’s Day and his birthday.