Je vis dans The Matrix

19 septembre 2007

Does it happen to you that you feel like most people live in an illusion, concentrating on material things, never really living true emotions or talking about real stuff; never asking themselves questions about the world, their Self or taking hold of their spiritual environment ?

I feel like I live in the Matrix, surrounded by people who live like this. And I feel like everything is an illusion and will not last for ever. The sun is shining now. But it may not be shining tomorrow.

I know that we are conceived a blank slate, fresh and pure, full of possibilities. When we are born we are already on a journey influenced by what happened while we were growing inside the womb and we already have the possibility to become good or evil. I can’t just be bubbly. I sense and see and feel what surrounds me. I can’t be in denial thinking nothing is ever going to happen to me, I know what is out there. There is a Power greater than us but there is not just A Power there is more.

Denying this is what gets me in trouble with myself and denying what I feel in general is what gets me in trouble with myself and others. Usually I just shut up. I won’t anymore.