Sweet Shot Tuesday

It’s Sweet Shot Tuesday again ! Weeks fly by. Go over at Darcy’s to see what others are showing today.

For My 10 in June 2010 I baked Erin’s Go to Cookies from the Happy Baker book and I made the Garden Potato Salad from the Food Network magazine. I also made a quiche with a rice crust…that comes from my head. I love quiche, I eat it at lunch or at breakfast. Yum.

Garden Potato Salad, in the Lighten up Challenge section of the magazine

Erin's Go To Cookies

Mushroom, red bell peppers, zucchini quiche with a rice crust

I really like this shot.


Oh yeah ! Oooooh Yeah !! When I posted this I got a Surprise Me and it was a scene from Wayne’s World !

My 10 in June 2010

Déjà le mois de juin. Dans 2 mois, ce sont les vacances et c’est ma fête ! J’aurai 36 ans. À 36 ans, ma mère avait une maison, s’était mariée et divorcée, avait eu 2 enfants et était enceinte de la 3e et était amoureuse de R. Moi, euh… Pas grave hein ?

Alors, en juin, je vais faire ces 10 choses :

  1. Désinstaller Xmarks à la maison
  2. Acheter et planter d’autres fines herbes
  3. Finir de lire The 8th Confession by James Patterson
  4. Finir de lire et écrire mon post sur Android Karenina Bof Tolstoy hein. Tragique pour rien.
  5. Envoyer mon post à Becky parce que je guest blog pendant ses vacances
  6. Faire 4 recettes dans Clean Eating – 1. Cashew chicken with vegetables 2. Tilapia citrus couscous salad 3. Chicken cheese stuffed potatoes
  7. Faire 3 recettes dans Food Network magazine – 1. Potato salad 2. Mushroom salad 3. Fish packet w corn relish
  8. Trouver des idées pour D.B. et sa business : concepts, nouvelles recettes…
  9. Aider C. à se réorienter au travail
  10. Faire 2 recettes dans Happy Baker – 1. Me and My Rice Pudding Are Just Fine On Our Own, Thank You 2. Erin’s Go To Cookies

Lundi reconnaissant

C’est tough ce matin avec une nuit où j’ai fait plusieurs cauchemars et un feeling de jetlag.

  1. Mon chum s’est levé juste pour me faire un café.
  2. J’ai eu une fin de semaine de trois jours.
  3. J’ai dépensé une tonne d’argent pour la fête de mon chum et il m’en reste encore.
  4. Mes parents ont donné un cadeau à un de mes chums pour la première fois.
  5. Merci Visa d’avoir payé le resto.
  6. Je ne travaille pas chez Subway, au buffet Bobo ou chez McDo
  7. J’ai réussi le filet mignon, les cupcakes et un méchant bon gâteau à la citrouille.
  8. Je m’enligne vers Québec pour les vacances, un peu plus, un peu plus…
  9. Google maps !!
  10. Mes lunettes sont payées.

Show and Tell 12

Show and Tell is wasted on elementary schoolers. Join several dozen bloggers weekly to show off an item, tell a story, and get the attention of the class. In other words, this is Show and Tell 2.0.

I love cookbooks. I have a whole bookshelf of cookbooks and magazines. I can’t get enough. It’s only because the books cost so much that I don’t get more. The Better Homes and Gardens CookBook and the Martha Stewart were given to me by my boyfriend our forst Chrsitmas together.

I have lots of cookbooks about desserts and cookies. I subscribe to Everyday Food, Real Simple, Châtelaine, Coup de Pouce and I started subscribing to Food Network Magazine. To me these magazines are pronography or art magazines. I read them, re-read them, re-re-re-read them. When I’m done with my Châtelaine, I give them to my neighbour. I also buy Clean Eating.

I received the Ultimate Cookie Book for my last birthday after pining after it for months and months. And my little sister gave me the Nutella cookbook. I bought my Jamie Oliver books in a used books store and I would like to find the 2nd Josée DiStasio in a used books store also. It’s where I got the first book.

I have sold some of my books and I have given some. I have given or recycled many magazines. I look at the pictures and the shelves seem empty to me.

Top shelf : Châtelaine, Coup de Pouce, Clean Eating, Cooking at Home and a cupcake transporter a friend gave me because she thought I was into baking cupcakes.

2nd shelf : Cook books !! Better Homes and Gardens, Dieticians of Canada, beautiful books I rarely use, whatever doesn’t fit on my other shelves.

3rd shelf : Everyday Food from 2007 to 2010. The older ones were recycled after I took out my favorite recipes.

4th shelf : Real Simple, same as Everyday Food. I had to make space !

5th shelf : Cookbooks !! Cookies, chocolate, reference, children cookbooks, Jean Pare, sandwiches, whatever…

Last shelf : Clippings and notes

Show and Tell is wasted on elementary schoolers. Join several dozen bloggers weekly to show off an item, tell a story, and get the attention of the class. In other words, this is Show and Tell 2.0.


  • A Anovulants, not taking anymore
  • B Baking, I love baking. My family received my cookies and loaves with joy yesterday. I was surprised and pleased.
  • C Condoms, our birth control…should check if we have some hidden somewhere.
  • D Dates, phew it’s over. Now I have dates with my boyfriend
  • E Ever…never, forever, absolutes I want to stop using
  • F Flo, waiting for the visit of Aunt Flo
  • G G. the name of my cat ! I love my cat!
  • H H. My nephew, lovable, cute, adorable
  • I Instruments of torture : toys that make noise. My nephew got a Black and Decker Junior tool set and table. Arg, boum boum boum
  • J J-L, my wonderful boyfriend
  • K Kids, we want some
  • L Love, I finally found someone great to love and he loves me back
  • M M.M. Should I still wait for her ? Friendship shouldn’t be so frustrating. We’re supposed to see each other since the month of October
  • N Nose. Arg. I am using Hyfdrasense so I can blow my nose which has been stuffy since September.
  • O Out of my league. My mom gave me a recipe book. Absolutely beautiful but it is soooo out of my range ! I have to look more closely so I can adapt the recipes to do it simple.
  • P Period. Still waiting for it at the moment.
  • Q Q-tips…one of the reasons my ears are blocked.
  • R Rogers, Carl. The father of phenomenology, one of the currents of psychology I chose in my class on psych of personality
  • S Skinner, one of the fathers of the psych of learning (conditioning, stimuli, responses)
  • T Thinking, my brain won’t stop thinking
  • U Uterus, warped. Osteopaths tell me my uterus is crooked, my hips are not aligned
  • V Vagina Monologues, the best book I read…well one of them.
  • W Wynd, my last name, a favorite letter because of it
  • X X, 10 in roman numbers. The approximate number of guests I will have tomorrow night.
  • Y Y.B. I wonder what is going on with him.
  • Z Zumba,  my favorite class at the Y !!

Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon

Last night I made Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon…and then decided to do it Martha Stewart-and-me style. It took too much time and it took too many pans. So I used the slow cooker and it smelled great this morning when I woke up.

It is quite expensive to make…and you really have to look for your ingredients if like me you have allergies to monosodium glutamate. I hesitated 5 full minutes in front of the bouillon shelf. Bovril ? Glutamate. Aurora ? Glutamate. Campbell’s ? Glutamate. Oh damn, I had the choice of paying 6 dollars for vegetarian bouillon (what the heck ? there’s no beef in that) and another 6$ bouillon called « Better than bouillon beef base » which I chose. The ingredients start with roasted beef with concentrated beef stock.

The small onions sre only in six dollars packet and the meat…well, no specials on meat. I had to drop the price a bit so I didn’t buy 3 pounds and chose a mix of pork and beef. And Julia Child’s recipe calls for a pound of mushrooms.

I never worked so quickly and so assuredly with meat. Having read the recipe at least five times and having watched her on Youtube, I knew the right heat, what to do with the butter etc.

Today is our Christmas lunch at work so no boeuf bourguignon in my lunch. Tonight.

I don’t have Julia Child’s books so I took the recipe here : http://cooking.knopfdoubleday.com/2009/07/13/julia-childs-boeuf-bourguignon-recipe/

Attention to all people baking their gifts !

Cakes and loaves by Ilona Chovancova ISBN 9781552859544

I borrowed this book from the library and it is full of great ideas ! It’s much much more than banana bread. The book is sold in bookstores, I checked. I am not paid to do advertisement.

I’m planning on baking the two-olives bread and the black and green. I haven’t finished looking through and already I want to buy the book. There is also a section on sweet breads. But it is the cheese, ham, olives, herbs, spices that caught my attention.

They seem easy to do and they don’t require tons of fancy ingredients.

Just wanted to share with you.

Je n’ai pas écrit ce billet en français parce que la majorité des francophones n’utilisent pas de livres de recettes en anglais. Si vous avez été capables de lire ce que j’ai écrit en anglais, eh bien, ce livre est facile à comprendre.