Liste de compliments

Il est temps de faire une autre petite liste de compliments pour me rappeler que je suis…fabulous. C’est pas nécessairement ce que les gens disent que ce qu’ils font.

  • Ma collègue rit tout le temps de mes niaiseries.
  • Elle dit qu’elle va s’ennuyer de moi quand je serai en congé.
  • Ma boss m’a dit qu’elle viendrait me chercher si elle changeait de job.
  • Mon chum me trouve belle, drôle et bonne cuisinière.
  • Mon amie m’a dit que c’était beau de voir comment je porte ma bedaine.

Liste de compliments

  1. Ma boss m’a dit que je suis un ange.
  2. Mon collègue m’a dit que j’étais fabulous (je pense que c’est le mot).
  3. Ma coiffeuse ne pouvait pas croire que j’ai 36 ans, elle pensait que j’étais plus proche de 25 ans. Quand je lui ai dit mon âge, elle m’a regardé avec un air étonné, la bouche ouverte.
  4. L’hygiéniste dentaire m’a félicitée pour mon calme en me demandant où était ma balle anti-stress.
  5. Les câlins de mon chum sont un beau compliment, un beau je t’aime.
  6. Une collègue m’a dit « qu’est-ce qu’on ferait sans toi? ». Je prends ça comme un compliment, mais si je n’étais pas là…ça serait quelqu’un d’autre.

Lundi reconnaissant / Grateful Monday

In honor of IComLeavWe, my list is in English.

*I was not paid to say I like what follows.

  1. I got to see my friend C. and we had dinner at Buffet Maharaja. It was satisfying, the chicken is incredible. For a buffet it was good and seeing C. is always crazy. Are we really 34 and 35 ? Really ? Because the exclamations, giggling and hyperactive chatter says otherwise.
  2. I got to see OneLadyInTheWorld Friday for dinner. Again with the chatter, exclamations and laughter.
  3. I ate a HUGE piece of cheesecake au caramel at Rockaberry’s…Miam.
  4. I received a Kreativ Blogger Award.
  5. I finally got to spend more than 5 minutes with M. at JavaU after pilates. She loves Anne of Green Gables. Me too ! She stopped going to bookshops because she just has to buy at least one book. Me too !
  6. It’s IComLeavWe again and I just love it !! Visits and comments, yé !
  7. C. told me I have beautiful eyes.
  8. My boyfriend made me tons of compliments on Saturday, saying I was a catch.
  9. His friend told him that when he’s done with me, it’s his turn…as in I’m a catch !! Of course, my bf told him he’s never going to be done with me.
  10. This week, 2 women I don’t know told me I smelled good in the gym locker room, on different days. A bit weird considering I was half naked both times and so were they but hey, a compliment is always welcomed. Oh, what smelled good ? Body Shop’s grapefruit body butter.
  11. Avène products were on sale this week at Jean Coutu !! I went to the semi new one on Ste Catherine West and everything Avène was on sale instead of only selected products. Yéééééé !!
  12. The electricity bill was only 60$ for two months.
  13. I just love Aveeno Hydrating Fig & Shea Butter Body Wash. It smells so good.
  14. Let’s be grateful for umbrellas this morning !