Grateful Monday

  1. The brunch was a success.
  2. Today, I spent the day with A. My feet hurt but we had fun.
  3. I finally found my two nursing bras : the Fast Food Bra and Bravado’s Original.
  4. My foot bath was very relaxing.
  5. Two libraries called to tell my reservations have arrived. One is Janet Evanovich’s latest book and the other has received the two next books from The Umbrella Protectorate.
  6. Tonight I made peanut-crusted chicken and it was delicious !
  7. I bought chocolates at Privilege and they were very good…and they are already gone.
  8. My boyfriend comes home every night.
  9. He is so helpful and nice and funny !
  10. The baby is complete, I’m in my 37th week. 🙂


Fait encore frette

-27 today !

Today is the day we chose to go at Canadian Tire to buy the shelves that will serve as the changing station. I also had to go to the library. Needless to say that we came back from Canadian Tire by taxi. Because my bladdervagina hurts now when I walk too long I went to the library by bus.

Bladdervagina : The place in my body that hurts at the end of the day. It hurts when I stand too much, when I walk too much, when it’s time to lie down.

The few people that were outside were as bundled as I was. No little lady in short skirt today !

I went to Itsi Bitsi for a cupcake and a latte while I finished reading « Paper Towns ». I didn’t think I would like the book so much. But I did.

I came home and J-L had assembled the shelves and I placed the diapers, wipes, etc. The changing pad is securely clipped.

The baby is coming soon, I’m in my 9th month. My maternity pants are still too loose, my old t-shirts from Reitmans still fit, I still go to the gym.

A Picture

This morning I went at the library and I borrowed CDs to put in my computer so I can make a mix for my labor. I borrowed classical music and I put some nature sounds on reserve. That’s what I’m doing now, copying the CDs in the computer. And a load of white and my suitcase for the hospital.

Here is a picture of what my bedroom window looked like on January 3rd, -17.9 degrees Celsius.

It’s settled, my parents will come get us at the hospital when we get out seeing as you can’t have a baby if you don’t have a car. According to the law, parents need to have a carseat with them to the hospital. We don,t have our licenses, we don’t drive, we don’t have a car. Here you go. We can,t have kids. Why couldn’t they just ask to see our driver,s licenses when we went at the doctor’s office the first time ? Tsk.

Lundi reconnaissant

  1. J’ai décrit mes friend crushes comme obssessifs mais je me rends compte que ce n’est pas la cas ! Fiou. Ce l’était avant, mais plus maintenant. Il faudrait peut-être que je vois ce qui a changé…
  2. Mon water pik est génial !
  3. J’ai entendu entre les branches que j’ai fait une super bonne job sur un autre blog, que mes collègues étaient super contents.
  4. Ils ont même mentionné ma participation dans leur présentation.
  5. Même si j’étais fatiguée en fin de semaine, j’ai réussi à faire des biscuits choco-espresso, des pecan sandies, des mini pains aux abricots-choco blanc-pacanes, des mini pains à la patate douce, des shortbread à l’orange.
  6. **TMI** Sexy time !!
  7. Je suis reconnaissante que les chutes de livres sont ouvertes pendant que les bibliothèques sont fermées.
  8. Mon chat est tellement affectueux. 🙂
  9. Il ronronne tellement plus qu’avant en plus !
  10. Il a fait beau hier !