My friend is adopting !!!

I’m so happy for her ! I’m about to cry, I’m excited ! I don’t have much information but I’m exciteeeed !!!

Babies everywhere today with two new grandmas at work and a very young employee showing roundly that she is pregnant. On her slim body it looks like she’s at 6 months but she might be at 5. That was getting on my nerves but I played along because I have not been very sociable lately.

I was a bit discouraged because sometimes I feel like my time may never come. In fact, TTC is the one high expectation I have. I expect to be TTC in 2011. If not, I will probably renounce. I had already accepted that I might not have kids and I was fine with it until I met my boyfriend. I mean, if it doesn’t happen, the trying part, in 2011, it may never happen. When we start trying, I will keep at it. Anyway, it’s no use planning and expecting because a lot can happen, we never know. I have read enough stories and I know enough women and men who couldn’t conceive, I know things don’t happen magically for everyone.

I am so happy for my friend ! 🙂

I hope I get to see the baby soon. I don’t have many details but it’s a boy, he was born here and she is going to have him November 1st!!