Question fertilité !

La question fertilité du mois ! Est-ce qu’il y en a qui ont été capables de tomber enceinte même si elles allaitaient encore ? 

Pourquoi ? Je fais des tests d’ovulation et je vérifie ma glaire cervicale et les signes sont là. Mais, quand je regarde mes graphiques de température, je ne vois pas clairement les changements de température associés avec l’ovulation (faut dire que c’est mon 1er mois à faire ça alors c’est peu fiable).

Voici celui de ce mois-ci à date.


Positive OPK and not ovulating ? Breastfeeding and ovulation ?

I am still breastfeeding but only twice a day. I do OPKs usually and I get a positive and my CM is also a sign that I’m ovulating. However, according to this chart (my 1st ever so it probably isn’t accurate enough) I have not ovulated this month.

This is frustrating because all the signs were there that I was ovulating between CD 15 and 20 which is in accordance with the last months. I have been doing accupuncture treatments and it got me to ovulate on day 17 instead of 21. Before acupuncture I would get a positive OPK on CD21. 

I don’t know what to think anymore and people telling me to not think about it are getting on my nerves. If I don,t think about it…I don,t think about it so we don’t have sex during my fertile window.

This is my Ovuline chart. If anyone has any ideas and thoughts…besides not thinking about it.