Only 19 days to go until my due date

My due date is not a fixed thing. I’m not having a C-section or anything so the baby may visit us after 20 days instead of getting here before Feb 16th.

I’m excited to meet him. Last night I did an impression of a dervish dancer on coke or an irish jig dancer or maybe a French-Canadian dancer. It made me want to get him out of my body, the feeling was very weird.

The days are going fast, I have everything to do every day. Today, I have to make Pork Cottage Pie with Parsnip-Potato Mash. It’s a new recipe for me. I see my colleague at 10 for a coffee at the café. My bf works today but when he comes back, we are going grocery shopping.

Yesterday he was late at the gym and I had time to do my complete program, 3 sets of 12 of every exercise. Phew.