Prime Minister schedule

I have never been so busy. Of course there are times when I have nothing much to do but I have never had such a busy social life.

When I look at my Outlook calendar, I see lots of colors, days with multiple appointments. Activities that should last 2 hours turn in 4-6 hours outside the house. At this point in my pregnancy, it is very tiring for my body.

Yesterday, I had an activity at the café. J. has opened a second floor ! I went with A. and C. I was planning to stay there maybe an hour. But A. and I arrived before C. and then we chatted and instead of getting home for 5:00…well, I didn’t get home until 8:00. C. and I went at Casa Manolo’s for dinner because I had planned on going with her for a while and last time, it was closed. I had to cut things short, I really wanted to go home. My bladdergina hurts easily.

Today, I am meeting with someone to sell my ice skates. I go to the gym with J-L. I have to return books to the library. I have the washing to do and some reading. It doesn’t seem like much does it. But for me it’s being busy. Probably because I’m tired.

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