Grateful Monday

  1. The brunch was a success.
  2. Today, I spent the day with A. My feet hurt but we had fun.
  3. I finally found my two nursing bras : the Fast Food Bra and Bravado’s Original.
  4. My foot bath was very relaxing.
  5. Two libraries called to tell my reservations have arrived. One is Janet Evanovich’s latest book and the other has received the two next books from The Umbrella Protectorate.
  6. Tonight I made peanut-crusted chicken and it was delicious !
  7. I bought chocolates at Privilege and they were very good…and they are already gone.
  8. My boyfriend comes home every night.
  9. He is so helpful and nice and funny !
  10. The baby is complete, I’m in my 37th week. 🙂