Brunch today

The brunch went well, people had fun and liked the food. Of course we have tons of leftovers. God forbid we should not have enough food, better prepare for an army. 🙂

My friend brought her new coffeemaker and it turns out it is defective, it leaks water. It’s a Kitchen Aid so if you plan to buy one, you may have to bring it back. Anyway, it helped getting coffee to everyone at the same time !

My bf was a star ! His pancakes and potatoes were hugely appreciated and he did 95% of the service. He even cleaned most of the dishes. He says he got tired of people being there rather quickly and I think it’s because most of them were my friends as usual. His friends rarely come to our events. It’s a shame. He would be so happy if they were there. I think we will have to do something where they are invited but not my friends.

I think the brunch was a success.