Grateful Monday

  • I slept from 6 to 8:30 after my little insomnia.
  • We finally found what will be our changing station. Yes, the changing pad fits on it. I only have to buy the baskets.
  • My boyfriend is an excellent shopper. I sent him to return some baby items to Babies R Us and he came back for what I requested plus a Safety 1st bag containing lots of things for only 20$ on special. I hadn’t requested it but it will be useful and it’s a bargain.
  • I made applesauce a few days ago and it turned out so much better than I expected !
  • I got to spend the day with my bf yesterday bacause some of his friends cancelled their weekly meeting.
  • Under the bed storage. Need I say more ?
  • Last night’s dinner was excellent !
  • I am going for a coffee with C. today.
  • After all the clothes washing I did since Saturday, I don’t need to do any until…tomorrow ? the day after that ?
  • Payments are going to come in until I deliver the baby.