Today, il fait frette. It says -17 but it is felt like -26. Celsius.

The -26 appears when there is wind. We went grocery shopping this morning and it didn’t feel like -26 while we walked there but it did feel a lot colder than -17 coming back. When the grocery finally arrives, I will go back out and go for a coffee. Of course I could drink coffee home but it is more fun to go to a coffee shop. Yes, we ask for delivery for the groceries. If you could see…I’ll take a picture. It snowed. We finally had the snow we were expecting since November.

But the cold is not due to the snow. It is due to the clears skies and sun.

On our front balcony

The sidewalk on the other side of the street. It has been cleared.

The streets are cleared and so are the sidewalks but there is still lots of snow.

So, see ? We can’t use our rolling thingy to go get the groceries. That is why we ask for delivery. And while I was taking the pictures it has arrived which means I can go for that coffee with my book.

I am reading John Green’s « Paper Towns » but I’m more than half through and I was very lucky to obtain Chrystine Brouillet’s « Double Disparition » at the library yesterday so I’m taking that one and keeping « Paper Towns » for tonight in bed.

I will leave the paper bags on the floor, the cat is enjoying running from one end of the apartment and attempting to enter the bags…he has no focus, he just jumps on the bags and makes quite a noise !