Sounds he moves to

I find it really funny that Maël moves when he hears the sound of my electric toothbrush. But he also moves at the sounds of :

  • Shower
  • Metro
  • Schubert
  • Whales
  • J-L’s voice
  • My cat. I don’t know how he knows the cat’s there but when the cat arrives, the baby moves. Can’t be the purring, my cat doesn,t purr loudly.
  • Piano
  • Vivaldi
  • Dentist’s apparatus

It is so reassuring to feel him move. Whenever I want to feel him I can nudge him through my right side coastal region or I can lie down on my left side and wait.

Yesterday, I listened to music while I painted for his room :

On another subject : today was the last appointement of phase 2 of my braces ! Next appointment will be the start of phase 3 and it will last about a year and a half. Wouhouuuuuuuuuuu!!