It’s only 7:24 in Montreal

It’s only 7:24 and I’m already feeling stressed. Maybe it’s the cold I have making it hard to breathe so my heart is pumping harder.

Yep, the third cold since November. On a good note, my dizziness has not worsened with this cold so it means the virus causing the neuronitis is finally taking its leave for real.

I have a pile of dry clothes that need folding. My dishes need to be done. I have my face to wash and I have to dress.

We have an appointment at the hospital at 10 for which I’m supposed to bring the strep test…that I managed in screwing up by dropping it on the floor…I’ll have to redo it. Bleh.

I finally decided on the little clothes I wanted to put in the baby’s bag. Along with a gazillion other things. I wonder if other hospitals make people stay longer after labor than ours. I don’t think I’ll go through 5 pyjamas in 36 hours but that’s what is on the lists I found. Plus 2 or 3 blankets. Really ?! I am bringing a swaddling blanket and a bigger one for when we get out. Mitts, a hat, a winter suit, diapers, wipes, etc. A million granola bars…

Yesterday, I went tot the gym with J-L and when we came back my lower back hurt so much. Next time, he’s making dinner. I still love going to the gym. I guess I didn’t pace myself enough. It feels weird doing weights with 5 lbs dumbbells.

I baked muffins the other day and the bf told me he ate 6 of them yesterday. SIX. He is at risk for diabetes but he seems to forget it’s not just about sugar, it’s about portion control. SIIIIIX. I put all the muffins together in the freezer but I think I will have to separate our portions so he gets that he has to pace himself if he ants his muffins to last the week. Then he tells me to make my mind up about him eating what I cook. Of course I want him to eat just not that much food in a day !!!