A Picture

This morning I went at the library and I borrowed CDs to put in my computer so I can make a mix for my labor. I borrowed classical music and I put some nature sounds on reserve. That’s what I’m doing now, copying the CDs in the computer. And a load of white and my suitcase for the hospital.

Here is a picture of what my bedroom window looked like on January 3rd, -17.9 degrees Celsius.

It’s settled, my parents will come get us at the hospital when we get out seeing as you can’t have a baby if you don’t have a car. According to the law, parents need to have a carseat with them to the hospital. We don,t have our licenses, we don’t drive, we don’t have a car. Here you go. We can,t have kids. Why couldn’t they just ask to see our driver,s licenses when we went at the doctor’s office the first time ? Tsk.


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