Different plans

Today didn’t go as planned i.e. seeing A. for coffee.

Instead I went to the gym with J-L…he didn’t train, he forgot his gym pants. Humhumhum. I’m proud that I went by myself for the first time since November. I did 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill while reading. It’s the best way to go steady and slow and not go over 140 heartbeats. Seeing this success, next time I will aim for 30 minutes. After this walk I did three sets of sitting biceps curls, sitting overhead triceps extensions and sitting dumbbell shoulder presses.

After the gym we went for a smoothie at Liquid Nutrition and we went shopping and we bought nothing. I’m looking for ordinary and inexpensive gowns for the hospital. The kind I won’t mind getting rid of later. I was also looking for a turkey baster and a small frying pan with no teflon. And nursing tops. I guess I will have to do some of the shopping by myself this week and go to La Baie.

I will see A. tomorrow.