I’m grateful :

  • That my fridge is full.
  • I will receive money eventually from what is called assurance-salaire.
  • I have enough money to last a bit.
  • I have wonderful (exhausting) friends.
  • My 7 new recipe books are very exciting. Stefano Faita has expensive recipes, Best of Clean Eating 2 has not lived up to my expectations yet and Coup de Pouce’s Les recettes secrètes de nos mères is already a favorite.
  • I am finally going to the dentist next week to get on with my braces.
  • Tonight I have an appointment for a pedicure and waxing. Finally.
  • I did 10 minutes of standing pilates this morning. I was out of breath but very happy that I did it all without feeling dizzy.
  • Tonight is date night. 🙂
  • Tea and cucumber sandwiches while reading Soulless. Perfect.
  • Sunday I go for coffee with A., the girlfriend of my bf’s best friend. She’s on work leave too !