En couple ou célibataire: dans les deux cas, suis-je heureuse? Alone or with my bf am I happy ?

YES. To both.

I’m not single anymore but when I was I was very happy. Now that I’m with J-L, I am as happy. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have a baby.

I loved being single because I did whatever I wanted when I wanted and when I decided to clean, everything was done the way I liked and all in the same day. I liked doing things for me, not having to think of someone else.

Now that I’m in a relationship (for 3 years and a half), I’m very happy. I love that he comes back after work and we get to tell each other inane things about our days. I love how he loves me and I mostly love that I love him and have never stopped since I met him. I love making him laugh, cuddling, cooking things I think he will like. He is a friend, a husband and a lover…oh and he doesn’t mind if we don’t have tons of sex. Very good. Because 34 weeks pregnant, it isn’t getting easier. It’s even more of a bother. But all those little kisses and hugs and huge smiles, it’s what makes it so worthwhile.

I’m grateful he’s there because I wouldn’t be able to do it all alone : manage the bobo, the pregnancy, the neuronitis…