Training at the gym

I went to the gym on Oct. 13th and here is what I did :

  • Ball squat : 2×15
  • Leg press : 100lbs 2×15
  • Step lunge : 2×12
  • Standing leg curl : 15lbs 2×10
  • Lying bridge : 2×15
  • Calves machine : 32.5 lbs ou kg, can’t remeber 2×12
  • Captain’s chair : 3×3
  • Ball side jackknife : 2×10

The captain’s chair and the jackknives didn’t feel comfortable so I think I will stick with planks. Also, I have to up the resistance on the leg press, the calves machine and I have to do 3 sets. But I was tired.

Today, I will do this :

  • Flat bench pullover : 3×8-12, using 15lbs
  • Flat bench flye : 3×8-12, using 10lbs
  • Incline press : 3×8-12, using 15 lbs

I will not be using the flat bench because I end up hurting my bobo and in the 2nd trimester, women are not supposed to lie on their back for more than 30 seconds. I will use the stability ball which makes me use more of my core muscles.

  • I will do the stability ball plank 2-3 times trying to hold for 30-45 seconds. The I will attempt the incline back bridge for whatever amount of time I can hold it. It may not be possible for me to do this. If not, I will do the 4-legged superman for my back.
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Swimming and walking !