I’m in love with Three Pines

I’m in love with Three Pines, a quiet and hidden village in the Eastern Townships.

I think Three Pines only exists in Louise Penny‘s books but it doesn’t make it less real to me. Penny writes mystery novels, she’s an anglo living in Québec province. To me, this is extraordinary.

I’m re-reading Still Life at the moment, a book I read many years back, in French. I bought it and I’m reading in it in English. Why ? Because I have read her latest book, A Trick of the Light, and it felt like falling in love. I just want to dive in Three Pine’s world where Gamache exists, where friendship exists…even if it means there is also murder. It makes it even more fascinating.

I am finding that just like Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books, Penny’s books make me discover things the second time around. There are life lessons in there. And I just can,t get enough of the characters, the village and the murders. The cahracters evolve from one book to the next and I like that.

This weekend I see my family and it’s my sister’s birthday. Guess what I’m buying her ? En plein coeur, Still Life in French. 🙂